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10 Halloween Costumes You Already Have in Your Closet

By Alexandra Cook

Halloween brings fun parties and creative costumes, but figuring out that perfect costume can be stressful. Here are 10 costumes that you already have in your closet!

Decades for Days

Create multiple costumes just by going through the decade. Start with the greasers from the 50’s, hippies from the 60’s and 70’s, then the big and bright 80’s and finally the 90’s Grunge wear.

Sweet Sailor


Need a quick last-minute costume? Don’t worry, our sailors are here to save the day! Just find a striped shirt, jean shorts and a sailor’s hat!

Nerdy Ned

This is a perfect costume that anyone can create in seconds. All you need is a bowtie, large glasses frames and suspenders to let that inner nerd out! Accessorize your costume with a backpack full of school supplies and any essentials you need for the night.

Super Fan


Put your ASU gear to good use by becoming a crazy, obnoxious super fan. This costume can also work for any sports teams that you love. Just don’t forget the eye black!

Walk of Shame

Strut the walk of shame look with pride. The best thing about this costume is that you can go out with messy hair and makeup. No need to worry about your makeup smearing or getting on your shirt because it’s the walk of shame!

Mafia Member

Act like you are a part of Al Capone’s gang by wearing a striped shirt, business pants and black heels or flats. Never be afraid to bump this costume up to the next level with props such as a fedora, suitcase or fake cigar or cigarette.

WacKy YoGa InsTrucTor


The wacky yoga instructor is one of the most effortless costumes you can make for Halloween. Just mix and match crazy workout yogas and sports bras to find the perfect comical yoga instructor costume possible.

Gypsy Goddess


Take advantage of the popular boho chic fashion trend by creating your best gyspy outfit. Throw on a pair of beautifully patterned gypsy pants and a tightly fitted plain colored top for a complete costume!

Tacky Tourist


Another easy costume for all genders is a tacky tourist. Show off the fanny packs, sunglasses, visors and crocs. Use your phone’s GPS system and act the part of the tacky tourist.

TV Show Idols

You can always rely on your favorite TV shows to help you find a creative costume that everyone will love! On the far left is Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family, in the middle is Betty Cooper from Riverdale, and on the far right is Ashley Spinelli from Recess.

Try out any of these costumes? Show us how you rock it on Instagram and Twitter!


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