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3 Outfits For When You’re Running Late

By: Gabrielle Hester

Running late? We have all been there. Your alarm didn’t go off and you have class in ten minutes; I know this situation all too well. Typically when I’m running late I have to sacrifice my style to get out the door ASAP. If you struggle with this like me, I have a solution to your problem. I put together three stylish, simple and comfy (of course), outfits for those mornings when time is not on your side. To maintain simplicity and save time, each outfit includes a basic pair of black leggings and a chic pair of brown knee-high boots.

Outfit 1

The first outfit I put together consists of black leggings, boots and a cute flannel. The leggings give this outfit the ultimate level of comfort and the boots bring a “put together” feel. The flannel is the staple piece of this outfit. It livens up the outfit with warm colors and is the epitome of winter style. You’ll fool everyone into thinking you put a lot of effort into looking winter chic even though you slept in.

Outfit 2

The second outfit is my go-to. Once again, I have my black leggings from Old Navy and brown boots from Macy’s by Carlos Santana. I switched out the flannel for a simple orange sweater from Nordstrom. This sweater is comfy, warm and makes you look dressed up. The v-neck on the sweater is very trendy. You could even throw on a choker for a more complete look.


Outfit 3

The final outfit for when you’re strapped for time is modern and oh so chic. It includes the same leggings and brown boots and a forest green long sleeve tee from Madewell. The staple item of this outfit is the black and white chevron scarf from Target. I am a firm believer in scarves. They make any outfit appear more dressed up and keep you warm. I like to wear this outfit when I am running late for work because it is trendy and professional.


Hopefully these outfits inspire you to not risk style for those mornings when you may have hit snooze too many times. With these outfits, you will trick everyone into thinking you put a lot of time and effort into your outfit even though you woke up ten minutes before you had to rush out of the house. If you try out any of these outfits, tag us on Twitter @asufjc or Instagram @thechicdaily.


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