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4 Easy DIY Chokers

Words and pictures by Gabrielle Hester

Chokers are the latest comeback to hit the fashion scene. Fashion icons and celebs have been seen sporting these trendy fashion statements, and I am an avid fan. I feel like they can transform any simple outfit into a pulled together ensemble. Luckily some chokers are reasonably priced. On the other hand, some chokers are way too overpriced. Naturally, I figured I could make some chokers of my own and at a reasonable cost. I made four different types of chokers: lace, rhinestone, black suede cord with a stone and a class black tie in the front choker. With that being said,

here is how I crafted four stylish and unique chokers.

1.) What You’ll Need

You will need lace, rhinestone ribbon, black suede cord, grommets, jewelry clasps, scissors and a pair of pliers.

2.) Measure

First things first, measure a piece of the lace to wear it fits comfortably around your neck. Remember to cut it a little shorter because you will be attaching grommets and a clasp. The suede cord chokers are going to be longer so to measure those you would need to measure out three times the length of your neck and then cut it.

3.) Assembly


This step seems daunting, however, it is very easy. So in order to make the lace and rhinestone chokers you need to attach a grommet to the middle of both ends. This is where the pliers come in handy. Use the pliers to open the grommet and then use them again to close the grommet. On one end, be sure to attach a jewelry clasp to a grommet again using the pliers to open and close the grommets.

4.) Assembly Part 2

For the black suede chokers you will not need pliers. To make the first black choker, slide the stone or charm of your choice in the middle of the cord. To secure, tie it by the back of your neck. The second black choker is very similar. You just take the suede cord, wrap it around your neck and tie in the front with a cute bow. That’s it. It is literally so simple but turns out so cute!

5.) Style

Each choker has its own personal style. The lace one can be worn to add a touch of femininity to your outfit. The stone choker can be worn when you’re feeling extra tumblr inspired. Go ahead and rock your chokers and watch as everyone grows envious over your unique and one of a kind style!


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