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5 celebrity looks on your Budget

Every day we see our favorite celebrities in magazines and on social media rocking the coolest new styles and flawless outfits. We want it, we must have it…but wait. That special bag or beautiful new dress costs a good chunk of cash.

Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on new pieces for your wardrobe, you can find the same pieces for less at mass retailers and department stores. Mix and match, and before you know it, you’ll have a similar outfit and a happy wallet!

Taylor Swift and her pastel blue coat:

Taylor Swift leaves her home with a powder blue coat and beige Prada bag in New York City

Always stunning, Swift turns heads in this baby blue shade, complete with a white beanie and a chic pink bag.

Your options: ASOS Boyfriend Coat (Light Blue) $69.70

For a coat you can wear on many occasions, this is quite the steal. It’s originally around $150, but now you can get it at You can pick up a white beanie from Forever 21 for $6.90 and black tights from Target for under $5, where you can also find a similar pink handbag for $20 or less. Add a pair of basic black pumps and you will never go out of style.

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Emma Roberts and her cozy sweater:

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This is too comfortable to resist. For a similar look, try the textured marled knit sweater from Forever 21 ($32.80) and pair it with cat eye sunglasses from the same store ($5.90)


Gisele Bündchen and her plaid shirt:

While you can’t have her life (the career, the hot hubby…)  you can have the same plaid shirt!

The exact shirt is a Rails Top that you can find at Bloomingdale’s for $128. For a less expensive version, try Forever 21, where a similar top sells for $15.80. If you want a black leather jacket to add a tough-girl touch, try H&M, where you can find one for $49.95. Wear with a pair of skinny jeans from your closet and you are all set!

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Kate Hudson and her puppy sweater:

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Dog lovers, show your love for your favorite animal with this sweater, as Hudson so proudly did. The I Heart Ronson “Cadillac Dog” sweatshirt is under $25 and the entire line is available at JCPenney. You can find a similar pair of classic black sunglasses at Forever 21 or Target. Pair with your favorite pair of jeans and you look stylish and comfortable.

Kristin Cavallari and her Maxi Dress:


Her entire outfit is so on-point it hurts, but luckily you can create a similar look without breaking the bank. She’s wearing a Bardot Stripe Maxi Dress that is available exclusively at Nordstrom’s for under a hundred dollars.

If you want to look for a less expensive option, try I found a similar maxi dress for $11.99! To complete your look, pair with black accessories and shoes. H&M sells black tote bags for under $20.

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Article by Rachael Bouley


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