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5 Favorite Jewelry Trends

Here are 5 of our favorite spring jewelry trends. Some are just gaining popularity, while others are a main staple in any wardrobe.

1) Nose Chains

This particular piece of jewelry is extremely eye catching and is as edgy as it is boho. I really like how you can choose from several different styles so you can see what looks best with your face shape or experiment with how far into the trend you want to delve (see below).

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2) Dainty Draped Necklaces

I love how simple these necklaces are. Whether you’re going on a date or attending a music festival, you can style them into basically any outfit for any occasion. There’s also so many different styles and chains to choose from so you can start a collection if you end up as obsessed as I am.

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3) Bangles

I really hope bangles never go away. Not only do they make fun, clinking noises when you move they also look great on everyone. You buy them in a pack so it’s like getting six bracelets for the price of one, and who doesn’t love saving money? Personally, I like this set from Forever 21 because they’re under $10 and come in gold or silver.

choker necklace 1

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4) Choker Necklaces

Chokers have been resurrected from their ‘90s fashion graves to infiltrate your jewelry box in the new millennium. I always wanted one of those looped plastic ones (my mom always said no), but now that I’m older I really like the more sophisticated metallic chokers. Wear with a plunging neckline to really emphasize size the jewelry.

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5) Mismatch Earrings

I stumbled upon these sets while browsing ASOS (see below), and it was love at first sight. Something about not matching 100% of the way appeals to me. I mean, mixing prints is in right now, so why not mix earrings? This pair from ASOS are matching just enough, though, so you won’t feel totally off balance.

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Article by Savanah Yaghsezian


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