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5 Simple Ways to Stress Less

By Jaslyn Ravenscraft

College is stressful. I have never met a student that didn’t agree. But there are simple ways to de-stress to prep for the week ahead, that will get you physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to face Monday and all it tries to throw at you. Here are five things I do every Sunday evening to relax and prepare for the week ahead:

Take some time for you this week. // Photo by Jaslyn Ravencraft

Take some time for you this week. // Photo by Jaslyn Ravencraft

1.) Sweat Sesh

I begin my ritual with some basic yoga, which loosens up any knots that I have and gets my mind focused on breathing and meditation.  Pinterest has some great simple yoga sequences and YouTube has meditation videos that will put anyone in the zen zone.

2.) Cleanse

After breaking a slight sweat in yoga, I pull out the face mask and do a thorough cleansing. It feels so good to head into the week with smooth, glowing skin. I usually try a peel mask that refreshes my skin. If I’m feeling the need to detox, I’ll opt for a clay mask that massages my face and rids it of impurities.

3.) Write

As I wait for my mask to set and work its magic, I journal. Writing down my frustrations, thoughts and plans helps me gain control of all my weekly tasks and break things down by day, hour, etc. Seeing the bigger picture is always rewarding, especially when the to-do list is finally complete!

4.) Chill

I always like to sit down with a good book or magazine and take time to read something other than a textbook. It keeps me sane and also gives me something to look forward to during the week. (Currently enjoying the new Harry Potter book. O.M.G.)

5.) Treat Yo’ Self

This is my favorite and final step in my relaxation routine… enjoying a bowl of ice cream while watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians, or brewing a cup of tea and watching a rom-com. Indulge in your guilty pleasure because you deserve it. You made it through another week without the help of a fairy godmother. Now that deserves a Ben and Jerry’s.



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