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8 Accessories Needed to Master Fall Fashion

Purchase a Fall Colored Clutch

Clutches offer a simple but chic change as we transition into the fall season. Lose the oversized handbag for a classy clutch that can bring both style and polish to your look. Envelope clutches in particular are a popular way to add structure to your latest fall fashions.


Find a Staple Blazer

Blazers are an easy way to dress up any casual outfit. As the weather gets cooler, opting for this stylish form of protection from the chilly breeze provides a perfectly put together look. Blazers in staple colors, white or black are a necessity for fall, as the power of the blazer serves to spice up any look in need of flair.


Wear Dark Lipstick

Swap your favorite summery lip-gloss for a bolder look, the dark lip. Maroon shades, dark reds, plums and the occasional shades of dark orange are great hues for the autumn months. Fall is all about substituting those summery, vibrant hues for darker colors, so this alteration is perfect for the season.


Toss on a Uniquely Designed Scarf

Scarves are an obvious necessity for the chilly weather. Not only do they shield your neck from the cold, but they also provide a creative way to mix up any outfit. There are hundreds of different patterns to wrap around your neck. But if you’re looking to stand out, change the way you tie your wrap. A bow scarf is a cute way to make your scarf its own standout accessory.


Jeweled Headwear

Jeweled headwear is a must for the fall season. It functions as both a piece for warmth and style. The growing trend of jeweled headwear adds a sparkly pop to any outfit and even serves the purpose of covering up those dreaded bad hair days.


Patterned Tights

Tights are a classic way to transition your favorite summer pieces in to fall. Wear these lightweight gems under a sundress or high-waisted shorts to expand your wardrobe during the cold, winter months. Patterned tights are a great way to spice up an otherwise bland and solid piece. The next time you think you need to buy a new outfit, turn to the aid of the patterned tight.


A Great Pair of Boots

The single most important fall necessity: an amazing pair of boots. Mid-calf or knee-high rider boots will go flawlessly with any outfit. Once you find your favorite pair, those boots will match with almost anything from jeans to leggings to tights.


Buy a Cute Watch

While summer is all about the effortless and beachy looks, fall is the time to sport classier more put together looks. A cute watch can be worn with many different outfits, ultimately turning your style up a notch for the cool months ahead.


Story and Photos by: Alexandria Land


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