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A Deep Dive Into the 2024 LA Art Show

Updated: Mar 11

By Austin Ashburn

The 2024 LA Art Show, or LAAS, known as the most comprehensive international contemporary art show in America, held its grand opening for ticket holders this Valentine’s Day.

Located at the Los Angeles Convention Center Feb. 14-18, the 29th edition of the show featured an international lineup of 100 galleries, museums, and nonprofits exhibiting from countries all around the world. From the Philippines and Italy to Peru and South Korea, the showroom floor was flooded with artistry, beauty, culture and innovation throughout the expo.

The show’s programming kicked things off with a bang, as the opening night premiere party was hosted by Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale. She joins a talented lineup of past hosts, including celebrities like Emma Roberts, Sofia Vergara, Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway, Rita Ora, and Ashley Tisdale.

With a central mission of showcasing global art and culture, the LA Art Show also decided to pay it forward this year. As every ticket was sold, 15% of the money went directly to the American Heart Association’s ‘Life Is Why™’ Campaign, with a mission to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives.

In attendance with Hale at the opening night ceremony was American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown, joined by NFL player Damar Hamlin, who gained a very personal connection with the AHA after recovering from an extremely rare heart condition last year. This year marks the AHA’s 100th birthday making their partnership with the LA Art Show feel even more special.

The opening night ceremony was not the only “live” part of this year’s show. Artists Robert Vargas and Dain Yoon both put on live performances for their exhibits. Vargas created a full mural from scratch as ticket holders attended his booth, while Yoon based her live art session on a recent experience she had after dyeing her hair pink: “A short trip to renew my passport led to an unexpected challenge to my self-perception and outward identity: am I more than the color of my hair?”

Along with her live performance, Yoon’s exhibit also featured a 16-piece work comprised of large-scale oil paintings that she had been working on for over two years during quarantine.

Another artist who stood out from the crowd was Feiran Wang, the founder of Mutated Chicken. From sculptures to paintings, Wang’s chicken mascot stars in almost every art piece she creates. There is a youthful, zany energy to all of her work, which puts a smile on anyone who walks past her exhibit. She had one of the most interactive booths by far, with a selfie station and merch table included. There was also a giant chicken sitting on top of a toilet, which most likely speaks for itself.

Artist Carlos Castro Arias from Bogota, Colombia, also had a remarkable exhibit, blending medieval tapestries with modern-day public figures. Seeing Greta Thunberg, the Nike logo, E.T., and Donald J. Trump imprinted onto a tapestry that looks hundreds of years old is definitely a sight to remember. He also had a man lying “dead” outside of his exhibit, with a piece of purple fabric covering his face at all times, making it an incredibly memorable exhibit.

A final highlight from the show was South African artist Marco Olivier’s three-piece exhibit, which featured handmade molds of massive face sculptures. The incredible detail in each piece, as well as the scale of just how large each one is, was a hallmark of Oliver’s style.

Paired with the beautiful artwork and culture, ticket holders were also able to indulge in delectable food and beverages from top LA eateries like Vesti, Nobuko, Pink’s, Il Fornaio, and more. Whether it be from sandwiches, tacos, pasta, or hotdogs, the LA Art Show made sure that their attendees were full at all times.

Artgoers showed up in their best apparel as well, dressing for the show in bold, glamorous, and unique pieces. One can take a peek at this year’s fashions by visiting LA Moodboard

The LA Art Show continues to be an otherworldly gift bestowed upon the Los Angeles art scene every year. It is truly a pleasure to escape from reality and transport to a world of such depth and variety for a few hours. With 100+ artists and dozens of countries represented thanks to the fabulous curators of the event, the show manages to provide everyone who attends with fresh artistic perspectives. It will be exciting to see how the show can top itself next year.

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