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A DIY room décor guide on how to liven up your room

By Gabrielle Hester

Everyone loves some good room décor. Adding some décor to your room creates personal flare and livens up your space. Room décor is especially essential when living in a dorm room. It can transform a drab room from dull to chic. But let’s face it, room décor isn’t always cheap.


In my experiences, you can do anything yourself. That’s why I have decided to introduce a DIY of the easiest and cutest room/dorm décor. These DIY’s take about twenty minutes and are under $8 each. Cute and cheap décor? Count me in!

room decor 3.jpg


  1. Mini Pots

  2. Succulent

  3. Candle stick holder

  4. Terracotta plates

  5. Cardstock

  6. Twine

  7. Tape

  8. Hot glue gun

  9. Acrylic paint

  10. Paint brushes

  11. Scissors

Custom Succulent Pots


Succulents are the latest Tumblr craze. I thought creating my own personalized succulents would spice up my room and add a little greenery. (Even though my succulents were fake). This DIY is so simple! I bought mini terra cotta pots from my local craft store for .59 cents.

The next step is really customizable. Pick a color and a design you want for your pot. I chose to paint both pots white. I drew on eyelashes with a black sharpie on one pot and for the other I painted the bottom half a shimmering rose gold.

Triangle Garland


Hanging décor creates a sense of dimension for your room. My walls are pretty bare so I wanted to create a chic garland to hang. I bought glittery gold card-stock and a light rose card-stock with gleaming gold polka dots.

First, you measure out the twine for the length of your garland. Then you cut the paper into triangles. Make sure to heat up your hot glue gun beforehand so that it’s ready when you use it to glue your triangles to the garland.

I glued the paper in an alternating pattern about half an inch apart. That’s it, the garland is as simple as that.

Jewelry Stand

room decor 2.jpg

I always see elegant jewelry stands in store that retail for around $15-$30. I figured making one wouldn’t be too difficult. So I found terra cotta plates and a small candle stick holder at my local craft store.

I bought one plate bigger than the other so the bigger one would be the bottom and the smaller one for the top. You can paint them any way you would like but I decided to paint the outside a dusty rose shade and the inside a sleek rose gold.

Once the plates dried, I used my hot glue gun and secured the candle stick holder in the middle of both plates. Behold! You have your very own jewelry holder.

Feel free to try out these DIY’s on your own! Spice up your room/dorm décor style without breaking the bank!


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