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A Look Inside: Dorm Life

By: Alayna O’Keefe

As the countdown to move-in day reaches single digits, those pictures of insta-worthy dorm decorations pinned to your Pinterest board manifest into tangible reality. No dorm is complete without those memories frozen in time hung up on the wall, bringing a piece of home away from home, or some cozy lights to bring life to the colorless walls.


For Halloween, Freshmen Katie Tucker and Taylor James embraced the spirit, welcoming visitors with a “Happy Halloween” sign strung up in their doorway. Holiday décor is perfect in cheering you up or even if you’re in the mood for a little change. Try it out for Thanksgiving and Christmas time!


Taylor’s favorite part of her room are the tapestry and lights which add a level of comfort to her new home.


Katie loves the pictures she arranged on her wall that make it feel more like home.

When asked about “dorm-hacks”, the girls had they both highlighted the usefulness of the food cart they bought from IKEA to carry their food, as well as the shelves they put in their bathroom to tastefully hold their bathroom amenities.


A favorite for Frankie McLister is his window ledge, which is perfect for extra seating, and his ASU blanket. Something Frankie is definitely grateful for is his own bathroom, rather than having to share a communal one.


Alex Wolfe, also a freshman here at ASU, hung her tapestry behind her bed and accented the fabric with some lights. Her lights especially hold a special meaning to her as her friend from back home on the East Coast got them for Alex before she left for school. Having sentimental items that remind you of home definitely aid in comforting you on those days when you may feel a little homesick. Alex also recommends investing in some step stools so that you don’t always have to jump onto your bed if it’s lofted.


Nothing expresses one’s style and personality more than how one decorates his room (other than how he dresses of course). Chad Bramlett’s expert matching of grays and greens could land him a job as an interior designer in the near future. Chad’s favorite part of his room are his posters and his plants.


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