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A Modern Take on Valentine’s, No Matter Your Relationship Status

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

By: Scott Daniels

These days, Valentine’s aren’t what they used to be. Maybe that’s a good thing.

For some, Valentine’s Day is the day of love. For others, it’s the day of crippling loneliness consumed by their desire for a Valentine. It has also become known for Hallmark to make loads of money off of people who are still in the honeymoon stage, eager to buy into this “day of love.”

As times change, so do forms of affection, for what I’d say, the better.

Prior to Generation Z’s Valentine’s, notes were passed, secrets were shared, and moments were had.

However, most of these actions have become dated, taking a backseat to things like Tinder.

But, several of my friends are actually in great relationships because of Tinder. Yes, dating apps kill the original magic of Valentine’s Day, but it’s not like the holiday wasn’t a cash-grab to begin with. 

Now, we just have a greater capacity to capitalize on that love.

Before the technological spur, there were just as many cliche gifts but not every commercial described “every kiss begins with Kay.”

People received over-the-top gifts of heart-shaped chocolate boxes bigger than their heads or a last-minute bouquet from the grocer that has to be checked twice to make sure it’s real. 

As a kid, I remember always seeing way too many jewelry commercials and soap opera promotions around Valentine’s Day. It’s a good thing those trends have died down, likely because malls are dying out. 

But, in its place, Amazon is ready to deliver oversized, overstuffed and definitely not creepy teddy bears straight to your door. 

Who needs to worry about picking up your loved one when a total stranger can do it for a small fee through Uber. No matter how inflated the price on those stale chocolates is, True love has no cost.

In all seriousness, Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to celebrate, and there are non-obnoxious ways to show that special someone how much you care.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen “power couples” post how great their relationship is on Instagram. My advice, don’t be a power couple. Be a normal couple — a true one — and focus on approval from one another, not society.

This Valentine’s Day be sure to communicate with your loved one. No, this doesn’t mean sending them a heart emoji, but instead it’s about being open to heart-to-heart talks on the day where the heart is most celebrated.

Couples have a wide selection of things to do on Feb. 14 aside from “Netflix and chill,” because that activity isn’t any different just because it’s a holiday.

Don’t be afraid to embrace the cringier side of Valentine’s. Have fun without shame and worry that you’ll be labeled “that couple.”

If you do decide to stay at home, bake some cupcakes or brownies, over-icing them with the pinkest frosting and adding a generous amount of sprinkles.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, go out and take advantage of those creative, lovey-dovey desserts at local restaurants. Scottsdale is a huge hub for Valentine’s Day with a wide variety of spots, like Deseo along Greenway Parkway for Latin American cuisine or ZuZu along Main St. for some compelling twists to American comfort foods.  

And it might fall under the cliches I mentioned before, but a simple walk around the area holding hands can be just as fun. You can even find the perfect Insta pic spot, just don’t be braggy about it — a lot of those future likes are likely single.

Speaking of singles, Valentine’s is the worst day of the year for the romantic loners out there.

But fear not, there are plenty of Valentine’s jokes to meme. As an alternative to modern Valentine’s, spend the day with close friends watching and mocking TV holiday specials like the 80s classic, “When Harry Met Sally,” or something more nostalgic like “A Charlie Brown Valentine.” 

It may seem strange, but pose as a couple with a friend at a cafe or something. See how believable other couples find your pairing. Maybe this holiday will change from a lonely reminder to an inside joke with a friend.

The “day of love” can also be spent treating and loving yourself. Get off of Tinder, Bumble, Farmers Only or whatever you’re one and take in that crisp Valentine’s air. Love surely is in it, so maybe you’ll catch the bug too.

Whether you’re single, taken or just a disaster waiting to happen, Valentine’s Day is more versatile than meets the eye.

With capitalistic love events held on every other block, you can stroll along into something magical whether it be singing karaoke, dining, bowling, or anything else to make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet.


What are your plans for this year’s Valentine’s Day? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter!

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