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A New Bachelorette Beginning

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By: McKenna Leavens

The last two episodes of The Bachelorette have been nothing but short of entertaining. Clare and Dale are officially engaged and happier than ever. While some are skeptical regarding their engagement, I am here for it.

The couple confessed to Chris Harrison that there was absolutely no contact between them before the show aired… it was truly love at first sight. Clare has kindly asked Bachelor Nation to be happy for her and Dale. The newly engaged couple looked to be beaming with love and passion; and I for one am rooting for them. 

Emotions were high during last night’s episode when Clare started to talk about how her late dad would be “over the moon” about her engagement and how Dale embodies everything she has ever wanted in a man. Clare compared Dale to her dad several times throughout last week’s episode and last night’s, saying “he reminds me so much of the qualities my dad had.”

While Clare and Dale’s love story comes to an end in front of cameras, a new Bachelorette was introduced to the remaining men in the house. Chris Harrison introduced this new girl as beautiful, smart, and a force to be reckoned with and she is just that. Tayshia Adams, who was a contestant on season 23 of The Bachelor and the sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise, has made a comeback as the new Bachelorette in replace of Clare to hopefully find love.  

Personally, I think Tayshia brings traits that we have never seen on The Bachelorette before. From past seasons we see that she has been burned but continues to fight for love with an open and honest heart. I get great vibes from her as she seems forgiving, empathetic, and passionate which are all key components to any relationship. I am more than happy to see her picked in Clares’ place.

As revealed in last night’s episode all but one guy from Clare’s pick of men stayed and four new men were introduced for Tayshia to potentially give her final rose to.

Basically, two women possibly could be engaged in this season of the Bachelorette, the first in Bachelor history… I wouldn’t put it past 2020.

Tayshia and Clare are exactly 10 years apart and this definitely changed the dynamic between the men. Tayshia has a certain openness to her that Clare didn’t, and you can tell from last night’s episode that Tayshia is really there to give every single man an opportunity to not only get a rose but to win her heart over.  

The guys in the house opened up differently to Tayshia than they ever did with Clare. Men like Ivan struggled to open up to Clare because they never felt like they had enough time due to Clare’s main focus being Dale.

We get to see a different side of some of the men like Zac C. and Brendan. As Brendan got the first one-on-one date, Tayshia and him talked about how they have both been through a divorce and they bonded over that. I think the men in the house could sense that Clare was not open to getting to know all of them because of how strong her feelings were for Dale. But with Tayshia they have a clean slate and can feel that she is willing to give them her undivided attention.

My favorite part from last night’s episode was when Tayshia walked into the room full of the guys who were previously there for Clare. She beamed with positive energy and her smile took over the entire room. The guys were practically bowing at her feet. You could also tell that they were all super excited that she was there and it was evident that there were some instant connections. 

We have a long season ahead of us with many dramatic scenes to come. Will Tayshia find love with these men who were previously there for a different woman? Or will it all crash and burn? I don’t even think well-known spoiler, Reality Steve, knows at this point. Stay tuned for more Bachelorette updates, and for who will get the final rose.


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