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A New Way to Charge For the Girl On the Go

Cell phones have become an essential in most people’s lives. Some people occasionally check their phone every now and then throughout the day, and others are completely attached to it. They use their phones to update statuses, post pictures and text non-stop. And it’s these people who panic when their cell phone dies in the middle of the day. For those of us who do this, there is a fashionable solution.

Some clutches can now charge cell phones, combining the best of fashion and technology. Two companies are profiting on a solution to the frustration that comes with cell phones dying at the most inconvenient time. The Mighty Purse and Everpurse are making stylish clutches that charge phones on the go.


Photos Courtesy of FIREBOX

The Mighty Purse is a clutch that comes in three different colors and has a built-in battery to charge your cell phone up to two times. To charge your phone, just connect it to the USB cord. The clutch also uses the USB cord to charge itself and indicates how much charge the clutch has left. The Mighty Purse works for all micro USB smartphones and iPhones. This clutch is priced at $136.09.


Photos Courtesy of Everpurse

The Everpurse has a wide variety of clutches that also charge cell phones. In order to charge your cell phone, all you have to do is slip your phone inside the pocket of the clutch. Everpurse can also charge your cell phone two times in one charge of the clutch. It uses a charging mat to charge the clutch. All you have to do is plug in the charging mat and lay the clutch on top of it. Ideally you should let the clutch charge for 6-8 hours. The clutch is compatible with iPhone 4S, 5S and 5C and Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. The 2013 collection has both leather and fabric clutches in a range of prints and colors. Everpurse is a more expensive option ranging from $189 to $319.

Both clutches are currently only available online. For a girl on the go, these clutches might be more convenient than carrying around phone charging cords, trying to find an outlet or buying expensive battery packs and cases. But they do come with a big price tag.

By: Alisa Stone


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