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A Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

The following post is an editorial piece. It is the independent opinion of one writer and it is not an endorsement. It’s about an FJC member’s favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day. 

Love is in the air and it reeks of a middle school locker room. Grocery stores pack their isles with overpriced chocolate candy and stuffed animals that will eventually end up being on clearance the next day.

Valentine’s day is overrated, especially if you are single.

 You may not have a significant other, but that does not mean you cannot celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Spend your day doing things girls in relationships envy.

1. Obsess over Cat memes

Who needs a significant other when you have cats? Grumpy cat will keep you entertained for hours.  Definitely check out while you’re at it.

Grumpy Cat

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

2. Plan your dream wedding

Spend hours pinning your big day. No man in your life? No problem! Find an ideal one on Pinterest.

Ryan Gosling wedding

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

3. Treat yourself

Since you did not have to spend money on someone else this Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to a mani-pedi or a new pair of shoes. Guys will come and go, but shoe love is for life.

Buy Shoes

Photo Courtesy of  Pinterest

4. Take advantage of surplus candy

Indulge in a relationship with chocolate this Valentine’s Day. Who cares if one truffle has more calories than a slice of pizza. This is the one day you deserve to stuff face.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

5. Voodoo doll

Make a Valentine’s Day voodoo doll of your ex. Stab him in the heart for breaking yours.

voodoo doll

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest 

6. Hang out with your single pals

Go shopping, go on a hike, go out to eat, or go to a concert with your fellow single friends. Share awful date stories and celebrate the perks of being single, like not having to shave your legs.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

By: Anna Werner


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