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A Tribute to Joan Rivers

The comedic legend and fashion critic Joan Rivers, 81, died from throat surgery complications in New York on Sept. 4. She was an actress, comedian, fashion designer, critic, award-winning author, television producer and screenwriter; the woman did it all. Ms. Rivers was the first woman to host her own late night talk show in 1986 and four years later she won an Emmy for her daytime television program.


Photo Courtesy of 415 Heat

Hosting shows was not enough for the workaholic, because Ms. Rivers then launched her fashion collection, which included jewelry and accessories. The Joan Rivers Classics Collection has an elegant and girly style, making it an essential collection for both formal and informal occasions. The controversial comedian went on to create and host the pre-show for Hollywood award ceremonies, Live from the Red Carpet on E! News. While interviewing at the events, Ms. Rivers would ask A-list celebrities what designer they were wearing. Reporters and correspondents who cover fashion events today have incorporated the trademark question, “Who are you wearing?” into their interviews. Many felt Ms. Rivers’ jokes were too harsh, but her audience, along with some of the people she joked about, loved it. “I succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking,” she said. E! News continued to notice her talent, and in September 2010 they gave Ms. Rivers another television opportunity. Each week she co-hosted Fashion Police with Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne and George Kotsiopoulos. The fashion sheriff and her deputies would joke about and discuss celebrity fashion. They focused on outfits that were worn by public figures at major events such as the Oscars, MTV Music Video Awards and the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Not only did Ms. Rivers discuss different styles and fashion trends, she discussed them with a straightforward, bold humor. “Every joke I make, no matter how tasteless, is there to draw attention to something I really care about,” she said.


Photo Courtesy of Zimbio

Joan Rivers’ funeral was held Sunday at Temple Emanu-El in the upper east side of New York. Family members and friends of the late comedian attended the service, including television host Howard Stern who delivered a eulogy. Thousands of fans lined up outside the large temple to pay their respects to the Fashion Police host. Ms. Rivers had no plans on retiring and wanted to work until her very last breath (which she did). Fashion Police will continue to air new episodes on Fridays and her jewelry collection can still be purchased on QVC. May the comedy queen be resting in heaven with a new Birkin—she will be missed.

By: Giselle Vazquez


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