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About “Sorrows and Silhouette”, a Dria Dair AZFW Brand Party

By Alexis Watkins

Friday evening on Oct. 27, guests entered the first floor of The X in downtown Phoenix to celebrate and bring awareness to a brand that has its origins in North Carolina but has made an impact on Phoenix’s budding fashion scene — Dria Dair.

The brand party, titled “Sorrows in Silhouette”, was a part of the Arizona Fashion Week events that took place a few weeks ago. Dria Dair, started by CEO and founder Kendria Godair sells women’s clothing and accessories for all sizes and shapes, and dares everyone to “be unapologetically you.” Inside the event, attendees could be seen taking photos, drinking mixed drinks, and shopping the brand. Last month, Dria Dair dropped its latest, and most sustainable fashion line yet. The line includes fur coats, handbags, dresses, sweaters and other fall and winter essentials. Although the brand has moved on to adopt an e-commerce business model and more sustainable practices after leaving North Carolina, there are aspects of the brand that have not changed. For instance, philanthropy and community have been pillars of the brand since its inception.

Godair recently started the non-profit, A Human Mission, to give back to the community and uplift others. The non-profit strives to clothe those who may not be able to afford clothing.

“My new non-profit was born out of my longing and desire for a deeper meaning and a higher purpose. I wanted to align my business, Dria Dair, with my passion, which is giving back,” Godair explained. To support the non-profit, guests were asked to bring items of clothing to donate at the event.

The night ended with a speech from Godair where she thanked her guests for coming to the event, and for all of their support, and reminded everyone that serving the community is a group effort.

To shop the brand, head to

More information about A Human Mission’s volunteering and donating opportunities can be found on


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