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Add a little color to your life with ‘Buttons’

By Haley Wehner

They’re a less popular accessory than necklaces or bracelets, but when used suitably, they make an entire outfit pop. Not only do pins complement the look of what one is wearing, but they are also a simple, modest way to express one’s sense of personality. For example, when I snap on a Modest Mouse pin to my jean jacket, the people who see me around will get a small insight into the type of bands and music I admire.


While you can create your own buttons if you have a pin making machine, it is more convenient to buy handmade pins from online stores. Etsy and Wanelo are my favorite online stores to purchase the accessories from. Being a broke college student, I don’t have tons of money to spend on Dwayne Johnson head cutout pins. Thankfully, these virtual stores make it easy to expand my button collection with single pins costing just a dollar or two, and packs costing about $5. Pins are often for sale at places like record stores, events, such as First Fridays in Downtown Phoenix, bookstores and select apparel stores. Buttons range from obscure indie bands and Wes Anderson movies to more silly pins with just an image of a hot dog.


Photo courtesy of Wanelo

My favorite way to wear buttons is on the front strap of a backpack, a little below shoulder level. School bags can be so drab, but it’s nothing a few pins can’t solve. Spice up an old, plain purse with buttons by tacking them to the pockets on the purse strap. Other places dying for some button-loving are ball caps, suitcases, overalls, or directly on t-shirts or sweaters on either side of the upper chest area. Not only are pins a unique way to accessorize, but they can also be a conversation starter. I have one pin of a hot dog wiener saying “Let’s be frank!” which has gotten me lots of compliments and laughs. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet your future spouse because you are wearing his favorite band’s pin.


All other photos by Haley Wehner


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