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Add some ‘flair’ with Zoya’s new fall polish

By Jenzi Langley

Nail polish brand Zoya recently unveiled their Fall 2015 collection. The collection of 12 nail polish colors is divided into two distinct themes: Focus and Flair. While the Focus collection features satin colors ideal for work or a casual day, the Flair collection showcases shimmery, festive colors ideal for a perfect autumn night out. Today I will review some polishes from the Flair collection; stay tuned for my review of the Focus collection. Keep in mind that I have short nails and a lack of experience – admittedly, none of which are ideal for a nail polish review. So, this venture into Zoya’s Fall collection will be even better for those of you with less than perfect polishing skills.



This striking color looks like a bottle of liquefied gun metal. Instantly, I thought of Divergent’s main character, Tris. I could totally picture her and other bold Dauntless faction members sporting this super chic polish. As far as application, the polish itself is watery and thin – two to three coats is a must. Streaking is very noticeable, so a good top coat is required. If you need to paint and go, this polish dries super quickly. Just don’t forget the top coat to help with streaking. One thing I noticed about this color is that when OOB (outside of the bottle), it has hints of green and gold. Lastly, Tris comes off quite easily with non-acetone polish remover.



Like its namesake, this polish is reminiscent of warm, spicy cinnamon buns. This polish applies evenly, and one could get away with wearing a single coat. There is hardly a difference between what it looks like in the bottle and OOB. I did find that when OOB, the polish has a whisper of gold shimmer to it. Also, this polish is super glossy both indoors and outdoors. Similar to Tris, Cinnamon dries quickly and removes easily. Overall, what a great color to kickstart the fall season with!



While looking at the bottle, I was blown away. For a whimsical second, I thought I was holding a fantastical dragon egg in the palm of my hand. With its bronze-gold hue, coupled with navy and green accents, Aggie looked truly remarkable. The polish was easy easy to control and boasted minimal streaking. Dry time? Average. Yet when I stepped back and really looked at the color OOB, I was shocked. On my nails, Aggie appears flat and very one-dimensional. Any hints of green or navy was completely washed out by the bronze-gold color. I had to go outside in direct sunlight to see an inkling of the green (the camera picked up some of it, as shown in the picture). Furthermore, this color is a pain to take off; it leaves behind all that gold glitter! Needless to say, I was disappointed. Although the color is decent, it was not what I was expecting.



If the ocean could be captured and turned into nail polish, this would be it! Meet Estelle – a two-toned (blue and indigo), color that is the deep sea polish-incarnate. Its application is as easy-breezy as the warm ocean air. With minimal streaking and high gloss, this color goes for the “WOW” effect. The shimmer is very noticeable at close range. Yet from a distance, Estelle looks almost platinum blue. The two-toning is a little less extreme OOB, but is definitely there even though the camera didn’t want to pick it up. *pouts* Overall, it’s a snazzy color that removes easily.



Ah, Ember. This color is more gloss than shimmer, even OOB. It is reminiscent of Ironman’s armor – bright red with a glint of orange. This polish was as stubborn as Tony Stark – so thick (headed) and hard to control. I did not care for this polish at all. It took forever to dry and was very bright. I’m talking red alert, fire alarm bright! If you’re looking for a statement polish or loud accent, I’d suggest this. But for an everyday fall color – I’ll pass.

Overall, I’m fairly happy with Zoya’s Flair Fall collection. Quick drying and a shimmery-gloss finish seemed to be the theme, but streaking was also a constant side-effect. I could totally see myself rocking several of these colors this fall. My favorite was definitely Estelle, with Cinnamon a close second. Try them out and let us know which ones are your faves.

Editors’ Note: The final polish in Zoya’s Flair collection is “Giada.”

All photos by Jenzi Langley.


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