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All About Gabi Villalta, Tempe Fashion Week’s Lead Makeup Artist

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Lauren Lippert

When it comes to fashion shows, most people can appreciate how outrageous the outfits are and how beautiful the hairstyles can get. What really can help tie the entire look together is the makeup. Comprised of a huge group, the makeup team spends hours doing the model’s makeup overseen by the lead makeup artist.

For Tempe Fashion Week, that person is Gabi Villalta.

Not only does she have her own makeup brand, Glambi Cosmetics, but it’s the official makeup sponsor for the show. 

“All of the models will have my lashes on, lipglosses, [and] I will be providing all of the tools they need backstage,” Villalta said. “We’re showcasing my brand as well as my artistry, which is awesome and I have a really great team behind me so I’m really excited.”

Photo by Jeff Otto, Models – Sam & Tamila, Tempe Fashion Week Launch Party/LxC Curated Runway Show

Photo by Jeff Otto, Model – Sam, Tempe Fashion Week Launch Party/LxC Curated Runway Show

Villalta’s brand developed in 2020 while she was working at a call center and soon launched that same year. Prior to starting Glambi Cosmetics, she followed her passion for makeup by dropping out of Arizona State and enrolling in Kensington Makeup Artists & Academy.

From there, her makeup career began.

She started doing runway makeup for Phoenix Fashion Week’s Spring Into Style. Villalta was the lead makeup artist for Luxe and City’s Ashley Paige and soon began working for the same company in 2018. It was then her collaboration with Tempe Fashion Week started.

Photo by Gabi Villalta, Model – Vanessa, Show – Luxe & City High Stakes Runway

Photo by Hightier Photography, Model – Sam, LxC Styled Shoot

“This year we were approached by Tempe Fashion Week to partner with them and help put on the show,” Villalta said. “Being that I am a makeup artist but a part of Luxe and City, I kind of just took up the responsibility of heading up the hair and makeup team for backstage.” 

As lead makeup artist, this means Villalta is a “facilitator, someone that other artists can look to for help or inspiration.” The hair and makeup team is comprised of 40 people and Villalta is in charge of creating looks that help give other makeup artists an idea of what designers want.

“I will be going around making sure that everyone is ok and has someone in their chair,” she said. Villalta will also be doing the makeup for the host of the show and some of the “key people that are part of the production.”

Photo by Reality Reimagined, Model – Cecily, Christine Adar photoshoot 

Photo by Gabi Villalta, Model – Rocio, Show – Luxe & City High Stakes Runway

Villalta said that there will be a lot of smokey-eyes with a few bolded looks.

See Villalta’s work hit the runway at Tempe Fashion Week today at 8:30 p.m. Shop Glambi Cosmetics here!


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