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American Apparel Nail Polish: A Rainbow of Options

Manicures are great, but very few people can actually afford to get one every week—especially on a college budget! The best solution to this problem is to find a polish that makes it easy to get that professional look without paying the price.

But don’t stress—I’ve found the perfect product: American Apparel’s Nail Lacquer. With nearly 50 shades to choose from, there are options for every skin tone and occasion. Two coats of this thick, opaque formula are guaranteed to be all you need. (For a few shades, just one coat gets the job done!) And if you’re a messy painter, anything that gets outside of the lines will wash off in the shower.

An owner of 27 bottles, it’s possible that I may be a bit obsessed with this nail polish. Not only are the shades pretty, but the bottles as well. I have them all lined up in order of color across the back of my desk, so they’re always there when I’m ready to redo my nails.


Photo By: Mallory Prater

I wear all of my shades year-round, but there are several that are my favorites for this fall. I’m a big fan of darker nails in the fall, and with these shades dark doesn’t have to be drab. So for this upcoming season, my favorites are Berry, a deep red that’s not quite maroon; Mouse, a more taupe version of the typical cool grey; and Mount Royal, a rich royal blue.



(Left) Photo Courtesy of Pinterest 

(Middle) Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

(Right) Photo Courtesy of Keerthamina

For just $7 a bottle, I suggest you head to American Apparel or order a few shades from to get your nails ready for fall!

By Mallory Prater


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