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An out-of-staters first time at First Friday: My experience

By: Riley Anderson

Phoenix is a city filled with culture and fun. It is home to art museums, restaurants, coffee shops and more. For the art lovers in the city, Downtown Phoenix is home to a popular festival featuring the work of many talented artists, known as “First Friday”.

First Friday is an event located at the heart of the city on Roosevelt street, on the first Friday of every month. Being from out of state, I had never heard of this event and I was thrilled to go check it out. Here is a glimpse into my first experience at First Friday, highlighted with the stories of the artists I met and my new discoveries of the city.

The first artist I met is a newcomer to this event. She told me she used to come to First Friday every month to get inspired by other artists. She was inclined to start First Friday when other artists encouraged her, so she submitted her work and got approved. Her style of art is inspired by her fascination with nature and the little things in life. She takes these little things in nature and paints them with soft color tones in several different ways. She has everything from little stickers, to cards, and even wall art.

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As I continued on the streets of Roosevelt, I came across a retail setup and was immediately drawn to it. They had tons of adorable and affordable jewelry, clothes and accessories for an everyday lifestyle. I met Rose Cebrian, the creative director of the setup for “Valley Rose Boutique”, who has been attending First Friday for a little over a year. She informed me their website will be launching soon, but for now, check them out on Instagram @shopvalleyrose.

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Heading around the final corner of the event, I came across a wonderful smell. I walked up and found myself at “Ahimsa Essentials”. They are an all natural skin, body and essential oil company providing handcrafted products in Phoenix, AZ.

As I was taking in the goodness of the aromas at the booth, one of the companies representatives approached me and told me he started his relationship with the company through buying their products. He ended up loving them so much he decided to join the team. He recommended to me the Zen essential oil because of its calming blend of lavender and peppermint. To learn more about Ahimsa and their products, check them out at @ahismaEssentials.

I would absolutely recommend First Friday to anyone. I was fascinated by the creativity of the artist and the fun atmosphere of downtown. It exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to attend the next one. Whether you’re into art, fashion, music, food or just enjoy a fun night out downtown, this event is perfect for everyone.

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