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An Unlikely Partnership: Target + Neiman Marcus

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What could be more interesting then seeing these two companies come together collectively? Just the names alone are sure to bring people to stores and websites to see just what these two companies can bring to the table. US News and World Report also accounted that senior vice president and chief marketing officer at The Neiman Marcus Group, Wanda Gierhart said, “ Customers love innovation, and they want a surprising shopping experience.”

Although Neiman Marcus is definitely known from more expensive items don’t hesitate to check out this astonishing collaboration, you just might be able to find a perfect item in your price range. If you are interested in checking out this collaboration the line is coming out December 1st and will remain in circulation until they have been sold out. This line comes out just in time for Christmas so people mark it in your calendars and make sure to be nice and not naughty the rest of the year, maybe you will find a stocking filled with Target/Neiman Marcus merchandise.

Cassie Castaneda

Photo Credits: The Associated Press

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