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Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Review + 2 Looks

By: Gabrielle Hester

Let me start off by saying, this palette is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. When I first found out about it I knew I had to get my hands on it. Apparently everyone else felt this way too! I went to three different Sephoras and each was completely sold out.  I finally caved in and ordered it online. I patiently awaited its arrival and then, about a week later, it finally came! I excitedly opened the package and there it was.

The packaging caught my eye first. It was precious soft pink and so velvety smooth. I lifted it open and the beautiful color combinations were revealed.


There was a variety of colors: deep reds, fiery oranges, matte browns and shining iridescent shadows. From first glance, I knew I couldn’t wait to create a look with the gorgeous raspberry shadow, Love Letter.

I swatched each shadow and they were all ridiculously pigmented. Having pigmented eye shadow is a must; however, some pigmented shadows make it very difficult to blend.

Not with this palette.

Every shadow is extremely blendable. Some of my favorite colors include Love Letter (a raspberry matte), Burnt Orange (a bright orange matte), Vermeer (an iridescent shadow with a golden hue), and lastly, Antique Bronze (a metallic brown with a subtle finish).

I know price is a key factor in whether an eyeshadow palette, or any product for that matter, is worth purchasing. Sold at around $42, I will say that Modern Renaissance is up there on the price scale; however, it is worth the splurge. I have been raving about this palette to all of my friends and they seem to agree. Although it is worth a pretty penny, this palette will not let you down.

Along with the jaw-dropping colors and irresistible pigmentation of this palette, the name of each shadow is alluring. Names include; Golden Ochre, Raw Sienna, Primavera, Buon Fresco and Cyprus Umber. The names make me feel elegant and sophisticated.

Needless to say, I was not disappointed in this palette; it is everything it promises. I highly recommend Modern Renaissance to anyone who is daring, yet chic. The possibilities are endless in the amount and variety of looks you can create.

Now let’s get into the fun part. I created two looks using Modern Renaissance. They are very simple to recreate, I promise. I am by no means an eyeshadow whiz.

Alright, the first look was a subtle cut-crease shadow. I began by priming my eyes with the Urban Decay Primer Potion to ensure my eyeshadow stayed put. Then, I took the shade Tempera, which is a matte beige, and applied it all over my eye as a base color.

I then took Burnt Orange and blended it over my crease, avoiding the lid. Once that was all blended, I added the shade Realgar, a deeper orange, and blended it into my crease as well. This increased the pigment of the orange and really made my crease pop.

Next, I took the shade Primavera and pressed it over my lid, making sure to keep a line of definition between my crease and lid. Then, taking a big fluffy brush, I did one more run through of blending. Lastly, I took the shade Realgar again and blended it onto my under eye. I took Primavera and placed it in my inner corner as well.

That’s it. The completed look is a subtle cut-crease with an elegant orange finish. Feel free to add eyeliner and false lashes to amplify the look.


Moving on to the next look. The star of this look was the raspberry shade, Love Letter. As before, I started by priming my eyes and using Tempera as a base shade. I then applied Love Letter to a fluffy brush and blended it into my crease. Feel free to start out subtle and increase the pigment by adding more shadow.

Once that was all blended, I took Venetian Red, a metallic maroon, and placed it all over my lid.Unlike the last look, this is a cut-crease, so be sure to thoroughly blend the lid and crease to create an ombre-like effect.

When I finished blending, I added Antique Bronze into the outer corner of my eye to create definition and darken the look up a bit. Taking a fluffy brush, I mixed Love Letter and Antique Bronze to blend into my under eye. To finish off, I took the iridescent shade Vermeer to my inner corner. I added quite a bit of inner corner highlight to brighten the look.

Ta da! You have a mysterious raspberry eye look when you’re looking to mix up your everyday eyeshadow routine!


Check out the Modern Renaissance Palette and try these looks for yourself! If you do recreate these looks, post your photo to Instagram or Twitter and tag @asufjc.

Now go impress your friends with your newfound knowledge of this palette, and bat your raspberry eyes at anyone that looks your way. Stay fashionable!


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