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Ann Taylor and ASU

We’ve all heard of Ann Taylor right? Well now they are calling all student models! Ann Taylor is looking for student models to grace their Ann Taylor online student lookbook. This is a great opportunity for any student looking to put their foot in the door of this industry. If you happen to be a student down in Tempe be part of a look book that can provide instrumental fashion news for the female student.

If you are interested in being part of this, wait no more because the deadline ends on October 9th. The way to get your name entered into this type of competition is to just go to their Ann Taylor Facebook Page.According to the press release,  after you log in there you can go to the “Style for Students tab” and submit a photo. After that it is all in the hand of Ann Taylor, if they pick your name it can be found on the” Ann Taylor Style for Students Facebook Page.”

This is all so exciting, but it can get better. After you are chosen to be a model for their lookbook, the public gets an opportunity to be involved. This is the power of social media as fans get to vote for their top 5 models. The ones with the most votes will be able to win a $1,000 Ann Taylor shopping spree. With $1,000 I am sure it will be time for a complete wardrobe change!

The Campus Ambassadors for Ann Taylor are none other than Arizona State Students, Laura Notorangelo and Mandi Kruse. They happen to be the representatives of this brand at ASU. I would say don’t hesitate any longer to try your luck as an Ann Taylor model. You never know one day you could say it all started with a blog post on The Chic Daily, when you future changed.

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Cassie Castaneda

Photo Credits: Glassdoor // Sun Sentinel


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