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The following post is an editorial piece. It is the independent opinion of one writer and it is not an endorsement. It’s about an FJC member’s go-to website,


Living on campus, for students across the country, can limit shopping abilities. That’s when online shopping comes into play. Receiving these newly purchased items in the mail is like receiving a gift. However, there’s a catch: shipping costs. Don’t cry, fashionistas, there’s a place where shipping costs don’t exist, and it’s called credits itself as being a place to “discover fashion online.” I couldn’t think of a more appropriate title myself. This website not only offers free returns and shipping, but also a 10% student discount when you sign up for the program (it’s easy to do, I promise).  Another great service offered by is Asos Premier, which offers shoppers free two-day shipping, exclusive sales, earlier access to sales and the Asos magazine. This usually costs $39 for a year but right now it costs $19.


These deals are great, but the best part of this site is undoubtedly the clothing. This clothing, ranging from high-end to totally affordable, is great quality and ahead of the fashion curve. They offer trendy pieces and also the basics. They even make certain pieces based on your body type categorized under their Petite and Curve lines. The infinite amount of style on this website may seem slightly overwhelming and you may not know where to begin but if you navigate correctly, will become your new favorite thing.


All you need to do is:

  1. Go in with a plan

  2. ALWAYS check the sale section

  3. Save your favorite items

  4. Follow their recommendations

Finally, check out all the other great offshoots of Asos such as their Marketplace, blog and style suggestions. Now that you have learned about the fashion excellence that is, go explore!

By: Gabby Abbott

Photos courtesy of


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