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ASU’s Anna Montana

Anna lannitelli started out as a normal freshman beginning high school at Desert Vista High School. However, her life took an exciting turn when a record producer from Universal Records discovered her after watching a video of her singing on a “Step Brothers” spoof with her friends. After that, she left during spring break her Freshman year and signed a contract with them. From then on out, she has lead two lives, Anna and Avery, her stage name.

The best example of her two lives and two sides coming together is through her style. On the very last day of Rush week for sororities, which is the most formal day of them all, Anna wore bright red ankle boot heels with studs on them and a girly yet edgy animal print dress. The way she meshes the two extremes of girly and edgy clothing makes every outfit she wears pop a little bit more. Every outfit and accessory has it’s own originality and creativity.

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Cori Crenshaw, Anna Lannitelli

It’s hard to take outfits from everyday life and pair them with the glamour of Los Angeles and its spotlight; however, she highlights both sides just enough for it to be done the right way.

Today, it is easy to fall into typical trends and stereotypes, and someone daring enough to go against main stream, choosing their style based on who they are, not on what people tell them, is rarely seen anymore. The combination not only makes her who she is, but it also makes her style unique, refreshing and inspiring.

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Cori Crenshaw, Anna Lannitelli

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