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Atlas Handcrafted Fashion Show Debuts Local Designers, featuring Grace Walton

By Olivia Madrid

PHOENIX- The return of the fourth Atlas Handcrafted Fashion Show to Phoenix on October 28th aimed to celebrate and uplift the local talent of Phoenix designers. Taking place at Union Station, this event welcomed fashion lovers, friends and family together to embrace community downtown. The show fueled inspiration, encouraging local designers to embrace their creative talents and pursue their passions, and giving them a platform to debut their eclectic collection.

Each Atlas show endeavors to interact with the audience through a distinct dress code. For this year's event, the attire theme centers around black outfits with chrome accessories, calling for attendees to adorn themselves in innovative and futuristic outfits for the show.

Featuring the creations of five local designers, boasting distinct lines of clothing. The lineup includes designers Chuck and Syd, Lily Dehaan, Grace Walton, Wash the City’s founder Jayce Candrea, and Chase Arlak. The show would end with beverages and snacks, as well as live performances by local Phoenix artists.

Designer Grace Walton wrapping up her collection with a celebratory walk.

Originally beginning as a modest gathering in the backyard of founder and CEO Logan Glennie, the fashion show was born from a need to provide a platform for talented yet undiscovered designers. Atlas came into being with a vision to bring people together and provide a platform for up-and-coming clothing brands in the region, creating an atmosphere where their creativity can genuinely flourish. From there, Atlas now has gained sponsors from leading luxury companies in Phoenix, such as Arizona Foothills.

Eye-capturing designer Grace Walton had attendees with their jaws on the floor, with designs that beautifully resembled the 2018 Met Gala theme “Heavenly Bodies”. Walton quotes the Renaissance Era of art as an inspiration in her collection, stating, “As someone who loves literature and all aspects of art, I really wanted to incorporate theatric elements in my pieces that convey the emotion of vulnerability. Leading up to the show, I spent most evenings studying various sculptures of the Virgin Mary and grew to appreciate the raw emotion of sadness portrayed in her eyes…this collection is also heavily inspired by various Romanesque cathedrals and French paintings from the Middle Ages.”

Walton explained her exploration of fabrics during her process, with a goal of “capturing what I felt while studying the deeply devastating, yet beautiful portraits of Our Lady.”

“I was so honored to see my vision come to life on the runway, I am blown away by the love and support people have been showing me. This is only the beginning!”

You can find Walton’s magical designs on Instagram, at glwcouture, as well as her journey through her eyes at gracewaltonn and gracewaltonphoto.


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