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AZFW: Styled by CQ

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Madeline Bates

The final show in Arizona Fashion Week (AZFW) was the “Collection of the Year” show that featured three designers and four stylists at the Phoenix Art Museum on Sunday, Nov. 6. The brand AllSaints debuted 20 looks from its winter collection “Because The Night” with looks featuring leather, wool, and other winter staples.

Colleen Quinn, owner of Styled by CQ, is one stylist who has taken her brand to the next level. So much so that in 2020 she had about 100 clients. After moving to Arizona from Chicago, Quinn obtained a degree in business and nutrition from Arizona State University. In 2020, she decided to follow her passion for fashion and started her styling business. The designer told The Chic Daily that being a stylist empowers clients to feel like their “higher self” and makes them feel “fierce” with the use of color, prints, and accessories.

Her collection, titled “The Pink Heart Collection,” featured seven looks with varying shades of pink for every occasion. The first look was a simple pink mini dress with a long fur coat to complement it and stay warm in the cooling fall temperatures.

The second look was on a male model, a style choice that’s new for Quinn. He was styled with a white button up, pink trousers and black oxford’s over the white socks that perfectly complemented the shirt. He was accessorized with glasses, a fur scarf and a belt.

The third look was a patent leather off-the-shoulder dress with a mini belt that sat high on the waist. The model was accessorized with silver framed sunglasses, large silver earrings, and nude heels. A pink holographic bag was draped across her chest, and the look was finalized with sheer gloves that went up to the wrist.

The next look was one that came from Quinn’s own imagination. While she doesn’t call herself a designer, she says she will often “manipulate” clothing to make something her own. This look was originally a dress, but Quinn altered it into a soft pink, two-piece set with a matching choker. She accessorized the model with pink fur-heeled mule sandals, a silver handbag and large circle sunglasses that spanned the width of her face.

The following looks mimicked some of the previous ones, however, the final look was her most extravagant, as well as her favorite. It featured a feminine model in a bubblegum pink dress with a fuchsia fur coat overtop. She was finished with a tulle headscarf and pink cat eye sunglasses. Her booties matched the coat in color and had feathers flowing out of the top. She wore earrings that resembled pink pom-poms that hung to her shoulders. 

Quinn herself was dressed in a full-length fur coat and fuchsia platform Mary Jane heels. She along with the other two winners will be featured in a magazine owned by Barrett Jackson Company. 


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