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BadAss Coffee of Hawaii Review

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Jordan Mclain

How do I function? Coffee. What’s one of my favorite things on earth? Coffee. What’s something I drink almost every day? Coffee! If you couldn’t tell, I’m a coffee lover. Some might argue, a coffee addict. Not necessarily a connoisseur, but someone who really enjoys coffee. When it comes to personal preference, I lean toward a cold brew or iced coffee. I’m more of a cold coffee type of person, which is perfect because those options are available at a brand new coffee shop down the street from my dorm.

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii has recently opened a coffee shop in Phoenix located at 50 W. Jefferson St. that serves coffee based on Hawaiian blends. Originating in Hawaii back in 1989, Bad Ass Coffee has opened many locations worldwide and is continuously growing, with Phoenix being its newest location. And the best part? The ice cubes are made out of coffee! A pretty interesting concept if you ask me.

Making my way through the front doors of Bad Ass Coffee, I was welcomed by wholesome and generous workers who attributed to the chill and laid-back vibe of the coffee shop. Looking at the menu, there were multiple types of options such as iced and hot coffee, espressos, lattes, smoothies, and teas. In addition, there were breakfast, lunch, and bakery options for anyone who wants to grab a bite to eat along with their drink.

A little overwhelmed with how many options I had to choose from, I ordered myself a cold brew with whole milk and caramel syrup, an all-seasoned bagel along and some kettle chips. My first impression of the drink was that it was really rich and flavorful. It has a taste I’ve never tasted before in comparison to other coffee shops such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, which are more popularized. This could be attributed to the fact that this coffee shop uses mainly Hawaiian blends unlike a lot of other shops. Looking more into this, I found that Bad Ass Coffee uses 100% Kona Coffee, which is a more specific type of blend not found at many places.

Moving on forward, the bagel was great as well, essentially the same as a bagel I would get from Starbucks, so nothing too significant. The chips were pretty solid too. After finishing up my delicious meal, I went on with my day to run errands. At that point, I had sipped up 90 percent of my coffee, and what was left were thick, brown ice cubes. I remembered that the ice cubes were made out of coffee, and I waited for the cubes to melt to see if the melted cubes would produce actual solid coffee or just a watery mixture. Surprisingly, as the ice cubes melted, it produced non-watery coffee. It was like waiting for more and more coffee to come as time went by, so that when I drank all the available cold brew in my cup, more would show up as the cubes melted. It was a pretty cool concept and something I never even thought about until now.

I eventually finished my coffee, which lasted me hours and slightly longer than a coffee from another coffee shop would have. I realized that the cold brew I bought from the shop was really good and something I would purchase again. There’s also so many options on the menu, so I’m willing to try other coffee-related drinks that I’m not used to getting as well.

Overall, I would recommend trying Bad Ass Coffee if you’re looking for a new coffee experience and taste. It truly is something that I’ve never had before. It also gives local-coffee-shop-vibes, which is perfect for anyone who wants to support local, small businesses instead of bigger corporations. Prices are relatively average for a coffee shop, so just trying it once shouldn’t break the bank and is a great way to experiment with their unique coffee blends. They also have cute merchandise in forms of apparel, take home snacks and mugs/cups. So, if this shop ends up resonating with you, there is a wide variety of options to choose from to support the company!


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