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Bath and Body Works Fall Collection

By Emily Ditomasso

It is no secret that Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Everybody starts to bring out the warm clothing, all of our favorite holidays are right around the corner, and most importantly…all of the pumpkin and cinnamon scents are back on the shelf.

Recently, Bath and Body Works brought out their fall collection and I could not be more excited. Every time I set foot into that store I automatically feel so happy and festive. I mean, who doesn’t want body wash in a container that is in the shape of a pumpkin?

Bath and Body Works has everything you could possibly need to get ready for this festive season, ranging from lotions that smell like crisp fall air, to candles that smell like pumpkin pecan waffles (yes, it smells as good as it sounds).


I have always been a huge candle addict, so naturally I went straight to where all the fall candles were kept. All of the candles have the most adorable packaging and smell like heaven.

My personal favorites are the Cinnamon Sugared Donut and Warm Apple Pie candles. They are perfectly sweet and smells so good that you could almost eat it.


The best part about Bath and Body Works is that they are constantly having sales, so you and your house, dorm room or apartment can smell like sweet and spicy pumpkin without breaking the bank. 


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