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The following post is an editorial piece. It is the independent opinion of one writer, and it is not an endorsement. It’s about an FJC member’s favorite beauty product, Beautyblender.

Want to look like a celebrity without shelling out the cash for a makeup artist? One word: Beautyblender. Put simply, it will revolutionize the way you put on your makeup! Unlike other sponge applicators and brushes, the Beautyblender is egg shaped, which helps it glide over the unique contours of your face effortlessly. This hot pink makeup applicator has the power to make your face look airbrushed and streak-free. Additionally, it wastes less make up while diminishing the lines frequently caused by other applicators. The best part? It’s a cinch to use.


Photo Courtesy of The Best Makeup Products

First, run it under warm water. You will notice it grows to about twice the size. Next, squeeze out the water until it is damp, then place it on top of it’s packaging, which has a hole at the bottom to let excess water drip through. Use the bigger, rounder side for larger areas such as the cheeks, chin and forehead. The smaller, pointed end is great for around the nose, mouth, and underneath the eyes. Go ahead, let your skin look like a celebrity’s – minus the cost.

By: Justine Petersen


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