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Best stylish workout apparel of the season

It’s that time of year again when the gyms are overcrowded, empty workout machines are nowhere to be found and cute guys are in plain site. It’s hard enough to keep your look up when surrounded by sweat, but fashion is taking over those bland and unflattering workout clothes and turning them into hot new workout wear to get you notices while getting fit.

ASU freshman Sierra Oshrin uses LuLu Lemon’s clothing line for all her workout needs.

“LuLu Lemon has the best workout clothes ever! They are expensive, but last forever,” Oshrin said. “They have accessories and clothes for every type of workout activity.”

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In September 2004 Stella McCartney launched her joint venture line with Adidas. While you might not have heard about this collaboration recently, it’s worth looking into. The collection consists of clothing for every form of exercise from yoga and gym wears to skiing and hiking clothing.

McCartney is quoted on the Adidas site saying, “I wanted to make sports clothes for women that didn’t look like an afterthought. The key is these clothes enhance your performance, they look good but they also do a job.”

Another great trending label for work out wear is Gap Inc.’s Athleta. Athleta has active wear for women for every workout. With reasonable prices and a wide variety of items its no wonder that 2012 has become Athleta’s year.

They recently released their first ad campaign with the slogan “Power to the She.”

“Athleta customers want to do it all – they lead extremely active and busy lives,” Tess Roering, Athleta’s vice president of marketing and creative, said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times. “Their desire to keep reaching for more is what ‘Power to the She’ is all about.”

So who knows, maybe all you need is a new outfit to find that little bit of motivation to look good, feel good and hit the gym!

Kathleen Etzel

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