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“Blank Space:” A great music video, a fashion statement or both?

With a grand total of 20 outfit changes in her music video, “Blank Space,” Taylor Swift has proven that she is one of today’s generation’s top fashion enthusiasts. Her wardrobe for this video includes designs from the late Oscar de la Renta’s Spring 2014 line to Naeem Khan’s Spring 2014 line.

Oscar Taylor


Photo Courtesy of L’eclaireur

Naeem Taylor


Photo Courtesy of Olivia Palermo

This video embodies Taylor’s evolution of style in not only fashion, but also genre of music this year. Transitioning from country to pop music is not an easy task for an artist, but Taylor has done this with “1989.” This is Taylor’s first all-pop album in her musical career. Her previous albums have been a mix between country and pop music, but “1989” is a monumental point in Taylor’s career and she is proving it with her dedication to fashion in the music video for “Blank Space.” Taylor tributes her past style from her album, “Red” with her classic red lip making multiple appearances throughout her video.


Along with the multitude of outfits in this video, there was also a surplus of furry, fashionable animals that made appearances. In the beginning of the video, Taylor is in her lavish white bed in a black lace lingerie-like outfit with her lovely feline friend, Miss Olivia Benson on her arm. Taylor has been known for her “crazy cat lady” antics and by featuring one of her own cats in her video, brings a personal aspect to it that only Miss Olivia Benson can do.


Taylor is also found riding (and standing) atop of a white horse while wearing an outfit resembling typical equestrian wear in her video. Taylor blends fashion with reality flawlessly with this outfit. Her knee-high black leather riding boots and matching black leather gloves tie the entire outfit together.


One of my personal favorite outfits from this video is her black, draped dress with sheer panels, paired with strappy black Louboutins with a classic red sole. This dress gives Taylor a façade of a powerful and elegant woman in her video as she is strutting alongside her dreamy man who is wearing a suit and fashion-forward cape while walking their three Doberman Pinschers across their lawn.


Another personal favorite of mine is her glamorous nude strapless gown with pastel floral blossoms layering on top of tulle. This gown does not get much airtime in the video, but it is truly a masterpiece. Within the few seconds we get to see it, it seems as if it was taken straight out of a fairy tale. Surrounded by green vines covering a whimsical garden getaway, the dress is the focus of the entire scene as Taylor and her man share a romantic kiss under the sun.


It is evident that Taylor knows exactly where she wants to be in her career. Her maturing sense of fashion and clear cut music decisions have her on a career pathway that can only go up from here. Bravo, Taylor!


Story By Maddy Ryan

All photos are screenshots from the “Blank Space” music video unless otherwise cited.


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