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Body Brushing; Beauty’s Ultimate Secret

I find that the more I go to spas, the more I learn about ways I can enhance my beauty. There is of course the given beauty dos such as applying eye-cream daily, exfoliating and moisturizing, but one beauty treatment that has recently peaked my interest is the magic of body brushing.

Not many people own a body brush let alone even know what body brushing is. Body brushing is probably the most beneficial therapy you can add to your beauty routine.

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Who knew something as simple as body brushing can increase circulation, eliminate cellulite and detoxify your body giving your skin a luminous glow. By skipping out on this five-minute routine, you’re not hurting yourself in any way, but by incorporating it, you are truly treating your skin inside and out.

According to authors at, “Those who do dry brush regularly do not have a problem with cellulite.” How nice would it be to be cellulite-free? Body brushing can do just that for you.

The body brush is similar to a loofah but differs in that it is solely used before bathing and is to be performed on dry skin. Key words: dry skin.

So, how exactly do you body brush successfully? First, you would begin by making upward, sweeping movements starting with your feet.

From your feet, you would work your way up towards your heart. Light brushing will do the trick. This process should take about five minutes before bathing, but those five minutes will yield countless benefits.

Next time you’re about to hop in the shower, don’t forget to give your skin the five minutes it deserves! Your skin will indeed thank you.

Nathalie Anaya

Photo Credits: Fushi


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