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Bodymetrics is bringing the dressing room to your living room

It is not a secret that shopping for clothing from home has its pitfalls: no dressing rooms, varying return policies, having to pay for shipping and having to wait for the order to first process then ship to name a few.

One of those problems is about to change thanks to  London-based company, Bodymetrics. Online fashionistas will be able to virtually try on the clothing they are looking at in the comfort of their own home.

Bodymetrics has recently partnered with PrimeSense Technology in order to launch a 3D body mapping scanner, set to debut this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

“Right now a lot of technologies are coming together: social media, body-scanners, and online accounts that store your body measurements. We believe soon most retailers will install body scanners and allow customers to access their Bodymetrics account online and through their phones,” said Suran Goonatilake, CEO of Bodymetrics, in a press release.

The technology uses the same PrimeSense 3D sensors as the Microsoft Kinect.

The product calculates 100 measurements to help the shopper find the better fit for their unique shape and size.

While the final product does not have a permanent release date, the product will most likely hit shelves for around $150.

I took to the streets to see how a student would feel about this new technology.

“If I shopped online more often, I would definitely invest in this. It sounds pretty cool,” said Lindsey Brass, a junior at Arizona State University.

Cortney Kaminski

Photo Credit: Mashable


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