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Boho Breakthrough

By Camden Cook

Bohemian fashion has undoubtedly made a comeback in recent years. Unbeknownst to many, this style of dress has fluctuated in popularity since the early eighteenth century. In addition to being comfortable and non-restricting, it’s cute as all get out!

Unsurprisingly, many prominent culture icons have fallen prey to this style craze. Celebrities like Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Kate Moss and Mary-Kate Olsen are famous for rocking the Boho-chic look. Renowned designers have used it as inspiration for various summer collections, some of which you’ve probably spotted on your Pinterest feed.

Are you curious about how to rock this look yourself? Look no further! Below I’ve listed some of my favorite Bohemian inspired staple pieces.

Gypsy pants are just as magical as their nickname entails. Comfortable and lightweight, these bottoms are perfect for any casual summer outing. The best part is that each pair is unique! Gypsy pants commonly sport distinct patterns, and most are made by hand.

I’m sure you’re familiar with how popular crop tops have become in recent years. Pair one with a flowing skirt or a pair of gypsy pants, and you’ve got yourself an award-winning outfit. This look has been marketed by many popular brands, including Free People and Urban Outfitters. Both outlets offer a plethora of Boho-inspired pieces.

Maxi dresses are another favorite among the Bohemian fashion community. Want to break out some accessories? Spice up your outfit with a cute pair of booties or a wide brimmed hat. After all, deliverance is always in the details.

The sun is still blazing, and it’s not too late to update your summer wardrobe. Heads will turn as you strut through town looking like an island queen. Like so many, I predict that you too will fall victim to the Boho fashion craze. I know I have!


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