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Brain foods to power a college all nighter

Did you forget to write that important term paper? Or maybe it’s finals week and you’re grades are lacking in a few classes. Infamously known as the all-nighter, it looks as if one of college’s most exciting feature is in store for you.

Now, we aren’t talking the quintessential college all-nighter where it’s time to blow off the steam of your stressful week and hit the local party scene with friends. We are talking that last minute cram session where your grades, and according to your parents, your life depends on it.

When asked what he eats for those late nights studying, Sonny Scott, a freshman at Arizona State University, said he prefers “two Uncrustables, a bag of Cheetos, and Idaho Spud Bar and a Powerade.”

As beneficial as these may seem to your average college student’s night of studies, they’re also the key to most freshman’s extra 15 pounds. Fueling your body for these till-dawn study sessions isn’t all about energy drinks and ramen, rather, these will only make you sleepier and less able to concentrate.

Whether you are ond of the chosen few who are naturally skilled at studying or you’re the student who finds it extremely difficult to focus, you can push that inevitable fatigue away, as well as sharpen focus and concentration, enhance memory, attention span and brain function by consuming the following:

This number one brain food may not be the first to come to mind when you picture a typical study snack, but cold-water fish such as salmon and mackerel are top sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been known to promote proper brain chemical levels. It provides the cells in the nerves throughout the brain with the appropriate nutrients, which then enable the cells to perform at their highest levels, and give you the ability to think faster.

Blueberries are a healthy yet delicious way to enhance your long-term memory. Research has shown that the antioxidants in blueberries have an extremely positive effect on one’s congnitive processing which put into simpler terms means to simply speed up the thinking process.

Caffeine, found in coffee, chocolate and peppermint as well as green tea gives you that unmistakable feeling of alertness. However, the effects are short term. But, just as with anything else, less is more. Too much caffeine can result in sudden heaviness of eyes and cause you to crash early into your night.

Low-fat yogurt spiced up with nuts or even honey is yet another great way to feed your brain. Nuts as well as yogurt are known to calm. Remaining calm while studying will reap amazing benefits when it comes time for the real test.

In the end, there is no magical substance that’s going to boost your IQ or make you significantly smarter, but certain constituents such as caffeine and healthy foods can better energize and stimulate your brain.

We all know that to suggest not putting the pressure of pulling an all-nighter on a college student would be be a wise decision, but knowing the common trends of laziness and the mismanagement of time, that advice is far from the reality.

So, benefit your brain and strive for a well-balanced diet of a plethora of healthy, wholesome foods and see if you can survive the all-nighter.

Brooke Weathersby

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