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Branded: A Guide to the Top Names in Menswear

By: Chad Bramlett

Logos and brands dominate the arena of fashion and offer instant recognition and effortless style.

In recent years, a number of brands brought back the old art of branding, bringing logos and iconic brand pieces to the forefront of everyday fashion.

The following five brands proved themselves to be more than just trends and found followings and respect both in the circles of fashion elites and everyday consumers.

Each brand, however, carries its own sense of style and identity, marking them as the most influential and respected in menswear.



Image via

With the influence of Kanye West and his Yeezy collections as well as a revival of the brand, adidas has claimed its spot as one of the most recognizable and iconic brands in the world of fashion.

If you want to go for a minimalist or athleisure look, adidas provides a multitude of solid pieces including simple logo tee shirts, classic track pants, and footwear.

A simple trefoil tee shirt or a pair of fresh Stan Smiths will gain you instant style points with almost no effort.



Image via Supreme

One of the classic skater brands, Supreme marks the rise of skate and punk culture in modern fashion.

Although it is a relatively young brand, this New York-based brand has garnered a cult following throughout the world, and is infamous for its sold-out collections.

If you want to sport a rebellious, yet respectable look, Supreme is the brand for you.

Calvin Klein


Image via Urban Outfitters

The revival of Calvin Klein marks the return of 90s styles and trends. This brand, however, is back with a modern, sophisticated look.

Recent campaigns and collections, including the widely influential “#mycalvins” ad campaign, gained the brand a newfound popularity and reaffirmed their spot as a top brand.

Look to this brand for modern, yet timeless pieces.



Image via Stüssy

A staple in streetwear, Stüssy offers something for everyone. Known for its fun, eclectic pieces, this brand has established itself as the quintessential go-to for original, yet classic street style.

Go for its classic tees and sweatshirts, but stay for its fun hats and pants.



Image via Zara

This Spanish brand has eased its way into the spotlight over the past few years, but is slated to become a huge name in menswear.

One of the world’s biggest retailers, Zara creates new, innovative lines at a fast pace. This outpouring of new pieces brings effortless style within reach of all.

Zara introduces refined, contemporary pieces ranging from well-crafted basics to more elegant, unique pieces.


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