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Bring Floral Prints to a Bland Winter Season

When the winter winds come sweeping in we all cling to our bleak, unflattering sweaters, saving the beautiful pinks and vibrant blues for spring. Floral has become a print most girls shy away from every season, especially in the winter. I’m all for taking fashion risks, and bringing intense pops of color into a sea of boring winter hues is one of my all-time favorite looks. Just because flowers aren’t blooming outside your door, doesn’t mean they can’t blossom in the world of fashion. For the all-in risk taker or the more conservative dresser, floral can be added to any winter wardrobe.

I’m all in!

The Floral Dress

photo 2

Photo Courtesy of Desiree

If you’re a staple girly-girl like myself, I’m sure you have a closet full of vibrant floral print sundresses. Parting from my sundresses would break my heart, so I found ways to wear them year-round. Now we never have to say goodbye to our favorite pieces!

It’s time to take risks. Experiment with layering pieces to find that adorable trendy look everyone will envy. I took a sweater that I usually pair with boring black leggings and put it over my favorite floral dress to make a bright outfit that can brave the cold with ease. Not only that, but I can trade in the sweater for a classic denim jacket to take the look in a completely new direction. You can also incorporate skirts and dresses into the months that your legs need coverage, just pair them with leggings, boots and a cardigan in the same color family.

The Classic Look

photo 1

Photo Courtesy of Desiree

Cardigans are a girl’s best friend. Cardigans are great for almost any winter ensemble, and especially over tank tops. Along with my sundresses, I have an array of floral tank tops I just can’t part with. The solution for this is quite simple: cardigans. Throw them over any tank you chose, pull on your jeans, slip on your boots, and you have a classic look that will still stop traffic.

Trendy Urban

photo (2)

Photo Courtesy of Desiree

On the colder days when you need to bundle up more than usual, you can still incorporate your exciting floral flair. Scarves are always there when you need to add a little something to your outfit, and a floral print will take it one step farther. For an urban façade throw your locks into an effortless top knot, perfect for lazy days.

 By: Desiree Pharias


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