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Brother’s Tailors at Phoenix Fashion Week

By Keegan Kelly

Phoenix Fashion Week continued Friday with another strong showing from the designers. There was a wide variety between the women’s collections, ranging from contemporary wear to swim wear.

Among the designers there was one collection targeted for men. This collection came from the Phoenix designers at Brother’s Tailors.


Brother’s Tailor’s is a luxury custom clothier that has been recognized for their quality suits. They have been named “Best in Phoenix” seven times and “Best on Earth” by Esquire magazine.

I spoke with Brother’s Tailors stylist and clothier, Peter Zistas after the show.

K: What is special about Brothers Tailors vs other Tailors in the area and around the country

P: We create a pattern that’s unique to each gentleman, ensuring that each individual looks unique and distinctive, and ultimately most flattering which gives the gentleman confidence

K: You talked a little bit about “Bespoke” in your opening, could you talk a little bit about bespoke?

P: Bespoke means the suit will be spoken for you, essentially what it means is it’s a combination of when someone cuts the pattern for you perfectly, puts the colors together for you perfectly, essentially you have a fantastic outfit where the pattern is made one at a time only for you. Essentially it’s the old worlds way of making a handmade suit.

K: So a personal suit for each person?

P: Excactly.

K: What was the hardest or your favorite part of getting ready for Phoenix Fashion Week?

P: Just the amount of models and amount of chaos in and out. You kinda just have to embrace it, if you don’t embrace it then its gonna be overwhelming. The most difficult part is the amount of models, putting the looks together making sure you can present yourself the right way so everything has to be taken into account methodically.

K: How do you think overall Phoenix Fashion Week went tonight

P: We’ll see, We’ll see. We’ll have to see what the reviews are

K: Anything else you would like to add?

P: If you need a nice suit, come see Peter. It’s very very simple.


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