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Campus Street Style | April 9

This week on the Tempe Campus, The Chic Daily spotted three major trends: thrift shop finds, dressing for comfort and DIY. It could be the weather, or the sportswear-incorporation trend, but almost every student spotted this week stated that comfort was a major element of his or her style and wardrobe choices. In addition, many students we talked to frequently shop at Goodwill and vintage stores; nothing beats sporting unique pieces that literally only you have! Speaking of unique pieces, many students also make their own clothes. How inspiring and definitive in catering to their specific style. This week’s cool crowd left us inspired and ready to break out the old sewing machine. Thanks ASU!

Junior Aditya Dhumuntarao

Major/Concentration: Math and Physics

“New York classy” is how Aditya describes his style.

Aditya Dhumuntarao wk 13

Sophomore Sky Eigen

Major/Concentration: Sustainability

Sky describes her style as comfortable and utility inspired. She frequently sports thrift shop goodies and vegan pieces.

Sky Eigen wk 13

Junior Mark Sellner

Major/Concentration: Secondary Education

Inspired by what other people wear, Mark tries to incorporate spotted trends into his wardrobe that fit his style and bubbly personality.

Mark Sellner wk 13

Sophomore Quinn Shapiro

Major/Concentration: Business Communication and Studio Art

Quinn deems her grungy gym look “fashionable lazy.”

Quinn Shapiro wk 13

Senior Tawny Manning

Major/Concentration: Psychology and Personal Health

Inspired by her parents, Tawny started sewing medieval reenactments. Striving for comfort and a vintage feel, Tawny made the dress she’s rocking here.

Tawny Manning wk 13

Junior Sara Romine

Major/Concentration: Health Sciences

In addition to shopping at thrift stores, Sara loves to make her own clothes, like the pants she’s sporting here.

Sara Romine wk 13

By Gianna Mocilnikar and Muriel Woodland


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