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Campus Street Style | December 1

The Chic Daily saw major style and trend incorporation this week on the Tempe Campus. To start, 90s Clueless-inspired prep was all the rage with thigh high tights, saddle shoes, mini pleated skirts and argyle prints. We also spotted bold patterns that spiced up outfits with floral, chevron, stripes, cheetah print and Renaissance patterns. Finally, we tipped our hats to the amazing amount of on-trend pieces incorporated into outfits: studded and spiked shoes, cross textiles, printed and colored tights, pointy flats, flannel shirts, combat boots, felt hats, anorak jackets (with and without leather sleeves), desert boots, leather leggings, suede wedge heels, oxford shoes and velvet. Such unique and inspiring outfits this week – keep pushing the style envelope, ASU!

Freshman Felicia Chaidez

Major/Concentration: Film and Media Studies

Style Inspiration: Old movies, particularly Anna Karenina, inspire Felicia.

Felicia wk 4

Freshman Zhanfei Wei

Major/Concentration: Biology

Style Inspiration: Zhanfei is inspired by random things. Her pieces are mainly from her home country, China.


Junior John Turan

Major/Concentration: Civil Engineering

Style Inspiration: John resonates with urban and street style. This outfit is not something men his age would wear in his home country, Turkey.

John wk 3

First year PhD student, Tess Doezema

Major/Concentration: Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology

Style Inspiration: Tess’s on-the-go outfit was inspired by the thick, dark clouds making for an overcast day.

Tess wk 4

Senior Vanessa Soto

Major/Concentration: Double major in Museum Studies and Art History

Style Inspiration: Vanessa resonates with the surfer-billy style, because she loves to surf in California. She also describes her style as grungy and different, not liking to stick to one genre because fashion is always evolving. She lets her mood dictate her daily outfits; the day this photo was taken she was inspired by art patterns.

Vanessa wk 4

Junior Sam Perkins

Major/Concentration: Business (Communications)

Style Inspiration: Sam mostly wears hand-me-down, donated or gifted clothes from friends.

Sam wk 4

Freshman Mahima Kumar

Major/Concentration: Nursing

Style Inspiration: Mahima doesn’t affiliate with a specific style, but sticks to what is currently trendy.

Mahima wk 4

Freshman McKenzie Urias

Major/Concentration: Chemical Engineering

Style Inspiration: McKenzie likes to take the extreme of everything, so the day this photo was taken she was going for an all-over preppy look, though she doesn’t necessarily identify her style as preppy. She likes to experiment and not just be one specific style.

McKenzie wk 4

Senior Xander Mach

Major/Concentration: Double major in Business and Psychology

Style Inspiration: Everyday life and people are what inspire Xander’s style.

Xander wk 4

Sophomore Shelby Stringer

Major/Concentration: English (Literature)

Style Inspiration: Shelby is inspired by her mom’s style, but with a grungy, modern twist.

Shelby wk 4

By: Gianna Mocilnikar and Muriel Woodland

Photos by Gianna Mocilnikar


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