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Campus Street Style | January 22

As the Arizona “winter” weather comes to an end, ASU fashionistas are dominating campuses with transitional outfits. We all know the key to wear now, wear later outfits are layers; and this week, students were layering with sweaters over shirts, cold weather accessories and the major trend of tights under shorts. Another prime trend spotted was denim. We’re not talking about the everyday blue jean. We’re talking about acid wash denim vests and wind-breakers, high-waisted denim mini skirts and shorts and denim button-downs and jean jackets. Printed tops and dresses complimented the denim, as well as the classic all-black look. Be inspired as you view the most stylish outfits observed this week at Arizona State University.

Grad student Taghreed Aloqayli

Major/Concentration: Legal Studies

Taghreed’s style is inspired by Instagram.

Taghreed Aloqayli wk 5

Freshman Ya Liu

Major/Concentration: Business Management

Ya lets strangers and students on campus inspire her daily outfits.

Ya Liu wk 5

Senior and Military Veteran student Rashaad Thomas

Major/Concentration: Justice Studies

Rashaad is a Phoenix fashion designer, who is always looking for ways to incorporate himself in his style and inspire others.

Rashaad Thomas wk 5

Junior Marcelo Sedano

Major/Concentration: Computer Science

Band culture, other bands outfits and the like inspire Marcelo’s fashion sense.

Marcelo Sedano wk 5

Junior Lisha Coleman

Major/Concentration: Computer Science

Lisha’s style is inspired by friends’ wardrobes, music and media. More specifically, her favorite artists, Tiffany Evans and Tink, are major influences, as she admires the R&B and hip-hop styles.

Lisha Coleman wk 5

Junior Yitong Fu

Major/Concentration: Supply Chain Management

Korean culture and her friends are what inspire Yitong’s fashion choices.

Yitong Fu wk 5

Junior Serena Fonze

Major/Concentration: Digital Culture with an emphasis in Music

Serena’s outfits contain many Goodwill finds. She loves layering and can usually be spotted rocking a button-down shirt.

Serena wk 5

Junior Andrea Gongora

Major/Concentration: Design Studies

Andrea describes her style as rugged with charm; this inspired her “edgy, skater girl” outfit, accomplished through the ripped tights, rugged shoes, and dangly necklace.

Andrea wk 5

Freshman Jinying Zhou

Major/Concentration: Business Administration

Jinying “follows her heart” when choosing her fashion sense.

Gabbie wk 5

Sophomore Gabbie Pierson

Major/Concentration: Communications

Laid back, chill and bohemian are how Gabbie describes her style.

By: Gianna Mocilnikar and Muriel Woodland

Photos by Gianna Mocilnikar


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