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Campus Street Style – January 30

Sophomores of Arizona State University led the pack of most stylish students this week on the Tempe campus. Not ready to turn in their winter wear, many paired bold graphic t-shirts and printed pieces with cardigans or sweaters, and left the rest of their outfit more neutral and simple. Lace-up shoes were also a prominent trend, spotted in the form of sneakers, combat boots and oxfords. Take a look for inspiration as you continue to plan your wear-now, wear-later outfits.

Senior Keani White

Major/Concentration:  Film

Keani’s friends describe his style as a “weird place between fratty and hipster,” as he loves to rock short shorts.

Keani White, wk 6

Freshman Changchang Yang

Major/Concentration: Interior Design

Changchang dresses in whatever she’s in the mood for and thinks will compliment her best on any given day.

Changchang Yang, wk 6

Sophomore Logan Dutton

Major/Concentration: Global Studies

It’s no surprise that Logan would be featured in The Chic Daily because he describes his style as lazy-chic.

Logan Dutton, wk 6

Senior Kit Fanning

Major/Concentration: Drawing

Kit finds indie culture inspiring, and purchases eye-catching pieces to make her outfits pop.

Kit Fanning, wk 6

Sophomore Ruiyang Xio

Major/Concentration: Landscape Architecture

British bands such as The Jam, The Clash and the Ramones are what influence Ruiyang’s style.

Ruiyang Xiao, wk 6

Junior Camille Armendariz

Major/Concentration: Civil Engineering

Camille is a self-described shopaholic, who was going for the “comfy, edgy look” the day she was spotted.

Camille Armendariz, wk 6

Alumni Nick D’Orazio

80’s and 90’s hip-hop inspire Nick, who describes his style as effortless. He also plays the djembe, and must wear the appropriate wrist accessories that help bring added sound to the drum instrument.

Nick D'Orazio

Sophomore Brianna Wang

Major/Concentration: Psychology

Brianna lives by “when in doubt, go all black,” loving the classic color and simple outfits.

Brianna Wang, wk 6

Sophomore Zach Webb

Major/Concentration: Creative Writing

If his major didn’t give it away, Zach loves the “classic schoolboy look” in style and in life.

Zach Webb, wk 6

Sophomore Selene Aldrete

Major/Concentration: Global Studies

Selene’s main place of scooping up key pieces is Goodwill, helping her achieve a thrifty, laid-back style.

Selene Aldrete, wk 6

By Muriel Woodland and Gianna Mocilnikar


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