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Campus Street Style | November 20

The fall grunge trend continued this week on ASU’s campus. Combat boots are becoming a staple for every girl’s fall wardrobe, as well as feeling comfy and cozy in oversized sweaters and tops. Statement bohemian jewelry was all the rage this week with fingers full of rings and layers of bold, unique art pieces for necklaces. Biker-chic was also popular, as cool graphics were paired with a backwards black cap, tight pants, and, of course, lace-up combat boots. As the weather cools down, the amount of layers and opportunities to evoke more style goes up, and we love it.

Senior Rachael Koscica

Major/concentration: Photography

Inspiration: Rachael likes mixing trends together by shopping at second hand stores and thrift stores.

Sophomore Karli Pedersen

Major/concentration: Graphic design

Inspiration: Karli’s style is inspired by various websites, tumblr in particular.

karli wk 3

Junior Nina Knoph

Major/concentration: Interior design

Inspiration: Nina’s style is inspired by people she sees, friends, movies, fashion magazines, The Sartorialist and Vogue.

Nina wk 3

Senior Jay Davis

Major/concentration: Film making practices

Inspiration: Jay’s style is inspired by her friends and unique Goodwill finds. She loves transforming Goodwill finds into wearable pieces.“It’s not about putting limits on what you see,” she said.

Jay wk 3

Junior Julia Wristen

Major/concentration: Global studies

Inspiration: Julia lets fashion blogs inspire her, favoring the combination of various styles to evoke her mood and personality.

Julia wk 3

Junior Sara Watford

Major/concentration: Biological sciences

Inspiration: Movies, different cultures and different time periods inspire Sara’s style.

sara final

Junior Maddie Schmidt

Major/concentration: Business (Law)

Inspiration: Maddie loves the grungy look and is frequently inspired by her best friend’s style.

maddie wk 3 good

Sophomore Tristen Klein

Major/concentration: Marketing

Inspiration: Tristen’s style is inspired by the photoshoots and campaigns done by various retail stores, such as Brandy Melville.

tristen wk 3 good

By: Muriel Woodland and Gianna Mocilnikar

Photos by Gianna Mocilnikar


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