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Celebrity Hairstyles That Changed, For the Best

Hair. For dead particles, it sure does get a lot of attention. Hair has been at the center of news stories and is a large part of pop culture. Hair can be a defining physical trait, and when someone in the public eye changes this trait, emotion, sometimes outrage, can stir. But, why? We’re used to what we know, but even so we don’t freak out when somebody wears a blue top the day after they were a pink blouse.

Below, I highlight some major hair changes, from the more well known, to the subtler of cuts.

Miley Cyrus, and the scissor snap heard ’round the world:


Photos Courtesy of Google and Elle

Hair attracts attention when it changes. Take Ms. Miley Cyrus for example, when she cut her hair, everybody flipped out. Where were you when you heard about Miley Cyrus and her bold new haircut? The good girl gone bad (or good girl gone normal), cut off her chestnut locks and replaced them with a bleached blonde pixie haircut that represented the type of music Hannah Montana might descend to if she started hanging out with more rockers, got tattoos and parted from her record label. Most individuals feel as if everything Miley does is just another step away from the Disney persona, and this hair change was no different.

Demi Lovato goes blue:


Photos Courtesy of Google and E! Online

Another Disney star underwent a hair change. Demi Lovato recently dyed her locks blue. According to E! Online, Demi’s colorist said that Demi looked for inspiration on Pinterest. Demi has been through a few hair colors, and has rocked every shade!

Felicity chops off her hair, and the ratings:


Photos Courtesy of Natural Fantastic and Hair Fad

When I was a young girl, I used to love watching Felicity. I distinctly remember the episode when Keri Russell cut off her beautiful curls. I cringed! The ratings went down after the dramatic hair change, and many blame the cut for the decline in viewership. A haircut was even listed by TV Guide as one of the “25 Biggest TV Blunders.”

Goodbye, Norma Jeane:


Photos Courtesy of Biography

Marilyn Monroe’s hair is part of her iconic image. Those blonde locks are famous. However, before she was the blonde bombshell in the pop-culture collective, she was brunette. No matter what color hair she had, Marilyn (real name, Norma Jeane) still got the public’s attention with various modeling jobs when she was a brunette.

Retro Zooey:

2009 Film Independents Spirit Awards Arrivals 022109

Photos Courtesy of Google and HD Celebrity Walls

The same can be said for Zooey Deschanel. While she was known as a blonde (her natural hair color is brunette), Zooey is now famous for her retro fringe.

By: Alex Watts


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