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Celebrity Style Soul Mates

Even the most sophisticated fashionista needs inspiration every now and then. If flipping through the latest edition of your favorite fashion magazine or raiding the back of your closest isn’t giving you the results you want, try borrowing ideas from a style-savvy celebrity.


If you tend to dress for comfort (while still looking chic); you’d probably love to share clothes with Kristen Stewart and Alexa Chung.

Although Stewart looks effortlessly glamorous at every event she attends, we all know she’d rather show up in a t-shirt and jeans. Her laid-back nature seeps into her every day fashion choices and makes us wish we could all look so effortlessly effortless.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Chung’s style occasionally sways to the feminine side, but typically she’s seen as a queen of casual. She’s mastered the just-rolled-out-of-bed look; complete with faux bed-head, minimal makeup and outfits that seem like they were snagged out of a (stylish) boyfriend’s closet.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

However, if you want to add some feminine flair to your look, add some lipstick or a pair of heels.

Must Haves: fitted overalls, boyfriend jeans, oversized blazers, graphic tees, skinny jeans, Converse


If your collection of dresses is so large that it’s slightly embarrassing, you always chose a skirt over pants, and love all things colorful and bright, you’re going to fall into the same style realm as Taylor Swift and Olivia Palermo.

Naturally, the blonde singer-songwriter typically dresses with a girly flair. When she’s not writing a new hit single about an ex-boyfriend, Swift is spotted roaming the streets in pretty patterns, sheer tights and preppy collared shirts.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest 

Olivia Palermo, the former reality TV star and current fashion blogger, is quite possibly the queen of prep. She’s generally spotted in ultra-girly ensembles; complete with skirts of all shapes and sizes, lace trimmed tops and perfectly fitted blazers.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Must Haves: statement necklaces, tights (in as many colors/patterns as you like), Peter Pan collared shirts, fitted blazers (preferably colorful ones), patterned dresses/skirts (mid-length is making a return)


If you dream of Coachella on a nightly basis, have an obsession with floral prints (especially sunflowers and daisies) and desperately want a henna kit for your birthday, you probably feel like you were meant to be friends with Vanessa Hudgens or Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson.

Hudgen’s Instagram is choc-full of bohemian inspiration. Not only has she mastered her personal style, but Hudgens also posts her awesome accessories, perfectly manicured nails and great hair-dos.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest 

The Olson twins are regulars on the fashion scene with their hands-on designer experience. Recently, they designed a boho-chic wedding dress for their friend, Molly Fishkin. (Check it out below.)


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Combined, the three boho-experts will give you enough inspiration to get your inner-flower child up to speed.

Must haves: crochet crop tops (crop tops in general), floppy hats, maxi skirts, shift dresses, halter-tops, ring sets, kimonos


If you prefer your clothing to come from a different era, Natalia Kills and Charli XCX are the time machines of the fashion community.

Charli tends to stick to a ’90s grunge vibe. Complete with leather fringe, lots of high-waist denim and plaid prints, she takes her fans on a trip 20 years in the past. Check out her “Break The Rules” music video for further inspiration.

During New York Fashion Week, Natalia Kills channeled both the ’20s and the ’60s into her looks. Pink cat-eye sunglasses, silky lace-trimmed gowns and heeled slippers accompanied the singer to the week’s events.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest 

Try shopping at local vintage stores (there are TONS in downtown Phoenix), peeking in the local Goodwill and possibly sorting through your mom’s old clothes in order to add to your vintage look.

Must Haves (from the ’90s): leather jacket, flannel, high-waist pants/shorts, round sunglasses, skorts, choker necklaces

Must Haves (from the ’60s): cat-eye sunglasses, short cardigans, pearl necklaces, flats

Story By: Savanah Yaghsezian

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