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CEOs in Crop Tops

By Rachel Shultis

You finally landed the internship you always dreamed of. The morning of your first big day, you throw open your closet, but your excitement is quickly replaced with dismay as you scan the rows of crop tops you insisted on spending the last of your clothes budget on this summer. None of this will work, or so you think.

The high-waisted style is your friend. Match high-waisted, appropriate length skirts with cropped shirts to prevent a disconnect between where your shirt ends and your bottoms begin. This look is simple and leaves the impression that you selected a trendy dress without spending a dime.


Cover it up. Plenty of crop tops have a classy feel, before they abruptly end, leaving your belly exposed. The solution is as simple as adding a cardigan that buttons and keeping it closed. Pair with a knee-length skirt or pair of slacks and nobody will suspect a thing.


Circle skirts and crop tops are a match made in heaven. This combination can easily be incorporated into your office wardrobe. Pull the circle skirt up to meet your crop top. Either tuck the top in, make sure that it falls past the elastic of the skirt, or layer a camisole beneath the top and tuck it into the skirt so that there is no chance your skin will be exposed throughout the day. This takes care of your stomach, but now the skirt is far too short. Add leggings to keep your lower half covered and throw on some cute booties for a perfect work-ready outfit.


Layering. Most crop tops do not look too sharp layered over a camisole, but what about layering them over a dress? Floaty and lacy tops layered over a tight bodycon dress turn two, once unwearable pieces, into an office appropriate ensemble. Pair with tights and a long cardigan to detract from the curve-hugging aspect of the dress.


Photos by Rylee McCurry


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