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Chic Convo of the Week- 10 Ways Clothes Empower You

By Alyssa Tufts

Welcome to the Chic Convo of the Week! This is a column where I am going to discuss a topic relating to fashion, lifestyle and beauty and how to apply those concepts in easy steps.

For the first one, I decided to draw on some personal experiences I’ve had. Whenever something isn’t going as planned in your life or you’re going through a difficult time, (a hard class, a break-up, friend drama, health issues etc.) I’ve found that your wardrobe is a key player in turning your attitude from a negative to positive state. Take for example, this Coco Chanel quote, “If you’re feeling sad, add lipstick and attack.” Granted, this applies to women, but, men can wear any article of clothing and feel better too.

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For a long time, I gave a situation or a person control over my life and how I felt about it, and I’ve recently changed that thought process to- yes this happened, but I have control over how I let it affect my life. One way I have gotten through tough situations is to channel those feelings into what I wear; it has done wonders for my attitude, outlook and my confidence. So next time you’re feeling down, get dressed up, put on your best shoes, and be confident!

Try these 10 ways to let your clothes empower you:

  1. Wear your favorite piece/outfit- everyone has a favorite look- wear it when you want a confidence boost (also doesn’t hurt if it highlights some of your best features :)) mine is a blazer and my favorite heels.

  2. Buy a new accessory/piece- this is a great way to introduce a new outfit. I recently got a new pair of heels and wore it with a new top- I felt fabulous, never underestimate the power of new shoes!

  3. Wear what you want-when you want- you don’t need an occasion to look on point! I’m sure I’m not the only one- where you’re dressed nice and someone says, “What’s the occasion?”, and my reply, “Nothing-I just wanted to wear this outfit today…” which can make you feel like you need a reason- FYI- you don’t. Wanting to look nice for you- is reason enough.

  4. Take pictures- I know this might sound egotistical, but when I feel I look particularly nice, I ask one of my friends to take a picture of me. This a great way to update some of your social media profile pics and your website if you have one. Plus, it’ll help you build your credibility as a fashion journalist (shout out to FJC members!)

  5. Try new combinations- whenever I feel I want a new outfit but don’t have the funds to buy one, I try different combinations. I will try a certain shirt with a skirt I didn’t think of before, and you can get a brand new outfit. It helps, know what’s in your wardrobe and use it to your advantage!

  6. Wear something out of your comfort zone- I know this might sound scary. I am a person whose best friend is the color black- so I am always trying to buy bright colors to add to my wardrobe. This can do wonders for your confidence- I recently wore a pink and black dress that I almost didn’t buy because of the color. I took a risk (play scary music) and I tried it and loved it. So taking a risk pays off, try it sometime!

  7. Change up where you buy your clothes- we all have our staple stores, mine are (Forever 21, Express, American Eagle etc.), but try to shop at a vintage or thrift shop every now and then. This will give you the chance to buy a- wait for it- unique piece that has some history and personality behind it. Check out Antique Sugar and Annie Boomer Vintage in downtown Phoenix.

  8. It’s okay to have a lazy day- we all have those days where sweats or workout clothes are our best buddy- and that’s okay. Sometimes, wearing what is comfortable takes priority over what is considered fashionable. (At least pair the yoga pants with some cute running shoes please? :))

  9. Accessorize, accessorize!- this is a no brainer. Wearing a statement necklace, some cool earring jackets (my new obsession-I’m hunting for some to buy), a nice watch or a cool hair clip/ headband can make an outfit.

  10. Wear a blazer- this is a must! If you don’t have a blazer- you need one in your life ASAP! They are great because they structure an outfit and bring a look together. If you’re wearing a nice dress-put on a blazer-instantly professional. If it’s a casual look- wear jeans with heels, a white tee and a black or colored blazer- cute and structured without having to try too hard.

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips, post to @ASUFJC on Twitter and give us your tips!

I’ll be back next week with another Chic Convo, have a great Friday everyone- work those outfits!

            XOXO, Alyssa


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