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Chic Convo of the Week- 5 tips for a confidence boost

By Alyssa Tufts

Hi everyone, I’m back with another Chic Convo of the Week! For this week, I’m going to focus on things you can adjust in your appearance/beauty regimen for a confidence boost. I’ve done all of these tips, and they go a long way to adjusting your outlook to the bright side of things.


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

  1. Wear lipstick- you can never go wrong with this- doesn’t matter what color-lipstick changes your state of mind and is so empowering. It’s a statement that is simple but impactful and changes the tone of your outfit. Find a brand you like that works for you (my fav is Nars in the shade Anna)

  2. Wear high heels- they can be wedges, oxfords, t-strap or platform- just wear something that gives you a little extra height. My tip: wear what’s comfortable- if you can’t walk up the stairs in them- don’t wear them. You want to look capable and confident when you wear heels- that’s the purpose. (i.e.- know your heel height limits please 🙂 they look cute in the store, but walking in them is a different story)

  3. Wear your hair in your fav. style- whether it’s straight, curled, down or up- do your hair at least twice a week. We all know if your hair is done- the outfit will follow. My tip: be nice to your hair and try not to put heat on it everyday- give it a break- wearing it natural is also becoming quite the trend.

  4. Take care of your skin- make sure you’re providing your skin with a little TLC. If your skin is happy- so are you! Your makeup sits better on your face if you have a regular regimen like washing it every morning and night, moisturizing, using masks for problem areas etc.

  5. Spritz on your fav. perfume- we all have our scents for different occasions and times of the year. My favorite perfumes are Kate Spade’s ‘Live Colorfully’ for summer and Victor and Rolf’s ‘Flowerbomb’ for winter. Next time you head out, use your favorite scent for a confidence boost.

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips, I’ll be back next week with another Chic Convo, have a fierce Friday everyone!

XOXO, Alyssa


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